Unexpected Love

Piper Harris is a geeky 17 year old girl with a beloved boyfriend. But one day, shes kidnapped and becomes a slave to a new group of young guys who kidnap girls and use them as sex toys. But what happens when the black sheep of them all breaks his long held loyalty and busts Piper and the other girls out?


2. Change Of Heart

Chapter 2:

Liam's Pov

"I told you the hottie lived here." Zayn boasted and took a swig of beer. I did my best to suppress a shiver of utter disgust. I really need to get away from these guys.

"C'mon we can't stand here all day! Shes gonna wake up and I don't want her to anywhere else except the barn so hurry the fuck up!" Harry shouted from the bottom of the stairs. I didnt want to leave. I wanted to grab the phone and dial the police.

I eased my hand over the to the phone but was cut short when Louis grabbed my other wrist and tugged me down the stairs.

"Liam this isn't a damn museum! C'mon!" I jumped up and scampered down the stairs in a hurry. He muttered something else but i couldn't quite hear it. Niall and I helped Harry lug the young girl into the back of the truck. She was the youngest of to be three girls. But something about her made me feel ten times worse.

The other boys hopped in the truck and i stayed in the back with the girl. She was ever so beautiful. She had the softest skin and the sparkliest green eyes i had ever seen. They were like a hunter green with flecks of grey and light blue. Her hair was just as soft as her skin. A light haired brunette with her tips dip dyed blonde.

She began to mumble in her sleep about somebody with a knife. I almost cried listening to her panic stricken words. I cant bear to keep doing this. I needed to escape. But not now. It started to down pour on me and the girl so i took the tarp that laid a couple feet in front of me and covered her in it. Then something hit me. Not literally but more like a realization.

What was to happen when we returned "home."

My pulse quicken and i felt sick to my stomach. The memory of just an hour ago gripped my mind with a vice. I wanted to jump out of the car and smash my head on a rock.


"Liam if your a real part of the crew, then do it!" Harry screamed and punched my ribs. I jumped back and held my rib cage. It throbbed and i felt like passing out.

I returned my focus on the middle aged woman laying on the floor, terror glued to her face. I didn't want to do it. I refused to do it. I wont do it. I looked up at Harry and squared my shoulders. He gave me a curious face but he seemed humored by my attempt at getting level with him.

"I wont do it." I said calmly and ironically, thunder clapped in the distance. The other boys gazed at Harry, waiting for his response. He didn't give any hints on how he was feeling. He simply picked up the blade and sliced the woman's throat himself. The others just nodded and gave me disgusted glances. I returned them and silently headed after them. Thats when he saw the girl. But before we headed away, Harry whispered,

"Your getting punished."

Back to reality

I leaned over the edge of the truck and puked over the side. Harry rolled down his window and shot me an angry glance and then down at the side of the car.

"I cant see the side of the car but i will say this. You had better hope your ass that your puke didn't get on my truck or you will get your neck snapped." I nodded and looked over the side. There was puke but the rain was washing it away and onto the ground as we drove.

After what seemed to be an eternity, Harry drove into the dirt road that lead to the barn. It was a little road barely visible to anybody driving by on the highway. It lead to the middle of the woods where the girls were kept in a dark green barn.

My stomach churned as i started to see the barn coming into sight. I glanced down at the girl and made sure she was alright.

The car came to a lurch and stopped at the what we call "the parking tree." Cars and trucks can only be parked no closer than the tree.

I picked up the girl and eased my way out of the back of the truck. Zayn's grey and white pitbull, Lance, started to bark crazily as we approached. He only liked me and Zayn ironically.

As Louis unbolted the locks on the barn door, the girl started to wiggle and mumble. Niall glances over at me, and fixed his eyes on the girl. His bright blue eyes sparkled excitedly as he raked them down her body. I shifted my weight uncomfortably as he did so. Then her eyes fluttered open.

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