Caeyla-Rae is a student at Appleby High with the green eyes and brown hair, Justin was well... Justin Bieber, every girl wanted him. But not Caeyla, she hated him. That was until he went to preform one of his songs at her school. Her feelings changed so badly for him, she was completely falling.


2. Wow>>>

We all had to go to the main hall for the song he was singing, and to be honest I really couldn't give a crap right now. I tried sneaking away from the hall but Miss Ryner pointed for me to sit back down. Ok then, I'll just die right now, in this very spot. My best friends Lola and Georgia came and sat down on the chairs next to me with some other people, I think one was called Melissa. "Hey guurrl, I can't believe that idiot is coming to our school to sing. I mean what the serious fuck? He can't even sing!"  Lola stated, which made me burst out into fits of laughter, therefore, everyone turned around to look at us. Georgia soon joined in and we carried on laughing our arses of until I eventually got out "I know right, I mean whose gonna listen now? No-one, that's who." They just giggled and smiled at me. 


We were waiting for the lights to go down, but it never happened. We turned to look at each other, all of us shrugged our shoulders as if saying that we don't know what's going on. I've never felt so bored in my whole life, except from right now. Another ten minutes went by and I was getting very annoyed, never mind wasting my ears but my time as well. Yes we all know he's a celebrity and we should be praising him but I mean seriously? What the fuck is his problem, I could be out shopping or eating and he has us sitting here doing nothing. Mmhh okay?


Eventually all the lights went out and the stage lights came on, then that's when all the fan girls started screaming and shouting. DEAF: is calling my name right now. He comes on the stage acting all casual as if he was right on time. "dickhead" I muttered to myself but Georgia heard and laughed quietly to herself. Then he sits down on a chair and pulls up a guitar, grabbing the microphone stand and pulling it closer to his face. When he started playing the guitar, it was a song I haven't quite heard but it was a catchy tune. "Its like an angel came by, and took me to heaven, its like you took me to heaven girl, cos when I stare in your eyes, it couldn't be better, I don't want you to go, oh no, just let the music blast, we gon' do our dance, bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all, cos this lifes to long, and this loves so strong, so baby know for sure that i'll never let you go." I turned to look at the girls sitting next to me, they were slowly bobbing their heads from side to side. Two faced bitches... Lol jokes.


Anyway I turned to look back at him and immediately caught eye contact with him, he was looking directly at me while he sang "so, take my hand, lets just dance, watch my feet, follow me. don't be scared, girl I'm here, if you didn't know, this is life." I'm positive all of my hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I got goose bumps on my arms. As he finishes the song on a soft note, everyone stood up clapping for him, even Lola and Georgia. Whilst I stay where I am, looking around, I catch his brown eyes again as he winks at me and walks of stage. "OMG, did you see that, Caelya, tell me you just saw that!" My friends yelled, jumping up and down clapping their hands. I decide to act like I never saw anything and say "Saw what? Him walk of stage? Yeah why?" "No, what he done when he was walking of." I gave them a puzzled look, then they sigh and reply "He flipping winked at you, I'm seriously gonna faint." Lola said whilst fanning her self down with her hand. "oh is that it, anyway I thought you didn't like him. Eh?" They both looked at each other and just shrugged, well that was a fantastic answer. Round of applause please. *note the sarcasm

I went to stand up when a teacher came over and gave me a folded piece of paper. I looked at it then back up at him, "its from Justin, Justin Bieber." He said then walked of.


~~~~~~~So comment what you think will happen next..



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