Caeyla-Rae is a student at Appleby High with the green eyes and brown hair, Justin was well... Justin Bieber, every girl wanted him. But not Caeyla, she hated him. That was until he went to preform one of his songs at her school. Her feelings changed so badly for him, she was completely falling.


1. Who Are You??

~~Caeyla-Rae’s Pov:

I slowly opened my eyes and saw my younger sister making her way to my box of jewellery . She grabbed my pearl necklace and started to walk out the room when I stopped her “Very sneaky on mornings aren’t you?” Alyssa froze in her spot as she turned to look over at me. All of a sudden I tackled her to the floor, “GET OFF ME!” She screamed, probably waking up my parents. “What do you need that for?” I questioned her pointing at the necklace in her hand. “Urm… I decided I would show mam what I wanted for my, err birthday.” She stuttered during her sentences which were clearly lies because her birthday had just been a week ago. “Cut the crap, what’s the real reason?” “Well long story short, JUSTIN BIEBER IS COMING TO OUR SCHOOL TO PREFORM A SONG!” Right, well my parents are definitely awake now and I’ve got a killing head ache. “Orrrr that loser? Why the hell is he coming to our school?” She gave me a disgusted face and walked out of my room. To be honest, I really do not like that biever or whatever his name is. Its all my sister listens to and it gets pretty annoying, I can’t get a minutes peace without that annoying tune coming on -Baby-Baby ohhh- god!

I walked over to my closet and picked out; light blue skinny jeans, a white tank top and some plain white converse. I laid them out on my bed and went over to the shower and got undressed, I didn’t even know what the time was and how long I had left but I didn’t really care if that arse-wipe is going to be there performing. Once I was done in the shower I went to brush my teeth before putting my clothes on. One of the reasons I don’t ware make-up is because it looks as if a crayon has raped my face. I literally don’t suit it. When I got down stairs I quickly grabbed an apple, then shouted bye to my Mam, who was in the kitchen.

As I got out of the door and started walking to my school, I saw a black range rover pass my eye. I’ve never saw this car before whilst I was walking to Appleby High. So I was very suspicious on who it might be, just then the swirved up near the curb and a young boy got out. “You need a lift?” he said as he stepped up onto the path. I stopped in the middle of the path and looked at this boy who was quite familiar. “No thanks, but I better get going, don’t want to be late.” He raised his eyebrow at my comment however he turned around and went back to his car. It sped off down the road, I started walking again down the long path. 10 minutes later I reached the school grounds still wondering who the hell that person was. It wasn’t until I got through the front doors that I realised that it was, Justin Bieber…

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