Caeyla-Rae is a student at Appleby High with the green eyes and brown hair, Justin was well... Justin Bieber, every girl wanted him. But not Caeyla, she hated him. That was until he went to preform one of his songs at her school. Her feelings changed so badly for him, she was completely falling.


4. that did not happen!!!

Justin's POV:


When she walked away I started to find my way back to the dining hall where the signing will take place. I quickly scanned the room to see if she was there (Caeylah-Rae) and as I thought, she was walking to one of the tables where some other girls were. I can't say they weren't pretty, because they were, however, Caeylah stood out the most from the rest. Her eyes fluttered across the room and landed on mine, I sent her a wink and she rolled her gorgeous eyes then carried on talking to her friends.


When Scooter came over and got the pieces of paper from my hand, he said it was time for the autographs. I sat on the black chair and noticed that the line was gradually growing by the second. Eventually, I'd done half of the people stood in the line, when I was signing a girls poster I noticed it was a friend of Caeylah's. "Hi there, I was wondering if you could send a little message to your friend Caeylah?" She looked at me a bit puzzled but nodded her head anyway. I ushered her to come closer so I could whisper in her ear "Tell her to send me them photo's along with a quick hi." She giggled and ran off with the signed poster, I watched as she went to sit by Caeylah then she whispered in her ear.


From where I was sitting, it looked like one of them cartoon parts where their eyes pop out of their heads because I think hers just did.


Caeylah's POV:


What Lola just told me, I thought my eyes popped out of their sockets. I swear down, does he not understand the meaning of 'fuck off' because if he wants it to be said clearer, he sure can. When I turned around to look at Lola, she was just sat there laughing. I sighed and got up from the seat and started making my way across to where Justin was.


Whilst I was waiting for the line to end, I took out my phone from the back pocked of jeans. I started to play on flappy birds, I reached seventeen and then I died. "Shit" I murmered to myself. Just then I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist, it didn't take me a minute to guess who it was. Justin.. "I could so beat your high score, babe" "Well that's a shame for you isn't it, because your not going anywhere near my phone" His hot breath was all I could feel on the back of my neck, I snapped out of my day dreaming and swivelled around so I was face to face with him.


His chocolate brown eyes were staring straight into mine, I was slowly melting into them. Then I remembered why I was here for and stepped back, unlatching myself from Justin's grip "Why are you telling my friends to send messages to me? Scared to do it yourself, dickhead?" He looked alarmed by my choice of words, but serves him right for making my friends think that there was something going on between me and him. "Well, urm... I was signing autographs for the school and I couldn't just, urm, get up and walk over to you." He was stuttering throughout his sentences which meant he was either nervous or just pure lying through his teeth.  I was going with lying because how I've saw him, he's never nervous.


"Don't lie, you just like to embarrass me don't you? Well it's funny, because it's not working one tiny bit!" "I do not lie, expecially not to girls like you!" He raised his voice which made me alarmed at how angry he could easily get. I stumbled back, right then, Justin knew he had scared me. His arm reached out for my arm, the colour of his eyes had softened. I shook him off of me and turned to walk away , however, that did not happen....


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