Caeyla-Rae is a student at Appleby High with the green eyes and brown hair, Justin was well... Justin Bieber, every girl wanted him. But not Caeyla, she hated him. That was until he went to preform one of his songs at her school. Her feelings changed so badly for him, she was completely falling.


3. Play Hard

I was so confused on whether I should text him or ring him. As I was walking down the corridor, I bumped into someone and fell on the floor. "Watch where your going...Prick" I muttered the last part to myself even though I think the person heard. "That's not a kind way to speak, to some celebrity that's just gave you his number. Which I can see your holding there?" I looked up and to my surprise it was Justin, stalker much? He winked at me as I blushed a bit, why the fuck? "Urm.. How do you know its yours?" I asked just a tiny bit unconvincing, he just smirked at be before walking away and saying "Make sure you text me, babe"


I continued my way to the next class I was in which was geography with Mrs Powell. When I walked into class, everyone turned to look my way. "May I ask where you have been? This lesson started ten minutes ago!" Mrs Powell asked. Wow... I didn't even realise I took that long,
"Oh, I bumped into Justin in the corridor. He seemed to be talking for ages!" I explained with a sigh. "Well that's ten minutes you owe me of your lunch" she nodded her head and forwarded me to sit down in my seat. All the girls were giving me black looks, probably the mention of Justin. Ten fucking minutes because of that dweeb! Oh he's gonna pay for it.


Throughout the whole lesson, all I was thinking about was texting Justin. Often, the teacher would ask me to answer a question that I didn't even know! Something about where Belgium is or W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R!  He didn't even know my name or who I was, just my appearance and he just gives me his number. For all he knows I could put it up on Facebook or Twitter, but then again I wouldn't do that because I'd probably get fined or put in jail. I was sat in my seat waiting for everyone to leave, then I would start my ten minutes of detention. Which I so didn't deserve! Once everyone was gone, Mrs Powell started lecturing me about being on time to next lesson or I'll be staying after school. Then someone knocked at the door and Ms told them to come in, just as I though, Justin walked in the classroom looking at the teacher. He turned around and noticed me and chuckled lightly to himself, oh so he thinks this is amusing now!


"Hi Ms... Powell" he said looking at her badge to see her name, "I was wondering if I could borrow some paper for people to come and get signatures of me?" he asked politely and Ms nodded her head and replied "Yes of course dear, its just at the back of the room behind Caeyla-Rae, could you hand him some please?" Justin walked to the back near me and said "So your name is Caeyla-Rae? Such a pretty name for a pretty girl." Cheesy or what? "Nice try, but your going to have to try a bit harder since I'm here because of you!" I answered cockily, he just laughed and grabbed the pieces of paper out of my hand and 'accidentally' moved his thumb across mine. "Mrs Powell, am I right that she's here because she was late to her lesson after she ran into me in the corridor?" So I ran into him, huh? She slowly nodded then Justin carried on "It was actually my fault, I wasn't looking where I was going and we collided. I'm so sorry that I made her late, but could you please let her out now?" After a minute or two she sighed and gave her approval that I could go.


I walked out of the classroom and heard Justin say "Thanks for the papers". Quickly, I speed walked down the hall so that he wouldn't catch up with me but unfortunately he took a hold of my wrist and spun me around pushing me onto the wall. "Off in such a hurry are we?" he asked whilst looking me from head to toe. "Well if you haven't noticed I need to go and get my lunch, so actually yeah!" Justin laughed and came closer to my face "Oh so polite aren't you? I've just got you out of a detention and you run off from me without a thank you. Such a well-mannered girl." So if he wants to play it that way... "Says you? The one who stalks me everywhere I go, and 'then' grabs my wrist and shoved me on the wall? You can talk!" "You know I love play hard to get girls? Well your just one of them, I can tell. So text me now therefore I'll have your number so I can make sure if you don't text me, I'll text you!" I shook my head as my response. He reaches into my back pocked and pulls my phone out. Pervert!


I'm lucky I have a password on, he unlocked the screen and smiled. I knew what it was though, there was a photo of me and my big brother (James) on my wallpaper. I was in my bikini and he was in his trunks. "Got a boyfriend huh?" "Erm, no that would be disgusting since its my brother" Justin turned the phone around for me to type in my password, I wrote it in quickly since I was starving and I couldn't stand in this position for much longer. It looked wrong! I'm guessing he saved his number as a contact because I never put it in, he must've texted himself because his phone vibrated in his jumper. Then he pressed home screen and then again there was another photo of me and my family all in our swim suits. "I must say you have a very hot body, I think you got it of your mum!" Now that was what you call disturbing! In a hurry, I got my phone back and ran down the hall, I turned around and winked at him.


Oh he is about to get some play hard girl...


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