Caeyla-Rae is a student at Appleby High with the green eyes and brown hair, Justin was well... Justin Bieber, every girl wanted him. But not Caeyla, she hated him. That was until he went to preform one of his songs at her school. Her feelings changed so badly for him, she was completely falling.


7. not a date!

Justin's POV


"Thank you Chicago! I hope you had a great time!" I screamed as I ran of the stage where I had been preforming a minute ago. Once I got of the stage Scooter gave me a thumbs up, I smiled back and went to get a drink of water. Feeling a pat on my back, I turned around to see who it was. Scooter stood there with a smirk on his face, "Well lad, you done great out there. Since its the last concert, I'm giving you 9 months to go wherever you like. Or if you want you can stay at home. Your decision. Seya later!" Well that was a lot of information to take in.


My guards escorted me out of the arena and into a car, that'll probably take me to a hotel. I was thinking about where to go through my time off, and I suddenly got flashbacks of when I visited a school in Brighton.

flashback___ I couldn't let her walk away again, I grabbed hold of her wrist and spun her around. Then I took hold of both hands and leaned in and kissed her, she was shocked for the first minute but then her lips started moving in sync with mine. I pulled away slowly, scared of what she might do. Her mesmerizing eyes were staring into mine, when I thought she was going to slap me, she grabbed hold of my face and put my lips back on hers.I smiled into the kiss and so did Caeylah, when we both pulled away for a breath. "So how about that text?" She whispered in my ear then walked back to her group of her friends. They were probably watching us because when she reached the table they started laughing and so did Caeylah. She looked over at me and sent me a cheeky smile which I returned with a wink, I turned on my heels and ran over to Scooter who was shaking his head whilst chuckling at me. I just shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself, I will so be getting that text.


I remember it so clearly, the past days since that happened I couldn't stop thinking about her. But right now, that wasn't what I was thinking about, it was where I was going to go. Now I know, where she is, wherever she is, I'll be.



Caeylah-Rae's POV


I was in the corridors with Georgia and Lola while it was break. We were currently talking about the party we were attending tonight, even thought I couldn't be bothered to, these had forced me to go. I literally don't know why I said yes but... I really don't have a clue. "Cals!!" Lola screamed whilst waving her hand in front of my face. I must've been day dreaming again, "Yeah, sorry?" "Well your phone beeped, think you've got a message"


I pulled my phone out of my bag and stared at the screen shocked at what I was seeing.


Justin;)----- Hey babe, haven't spoke to you in a while. What you doing?xx

Still the flirt he was when I first met him

flashback____ Whilst I was waiting for the line to end, I took out my phone from the back pocked of jeans. I started to play on flappy birds, I reached seventeen and then I died. "Shit" I murmered to myself. Just then I felt a pair of strong arms wrap around my waist, it didn't take me a minute to guess who it was. Justin.. "I could so beat your high score, babe" "Well that's a shame for you isn't it, because your not going anywhere near my phone" His hot breath was all I could feel on the back of my neck, I snapped out of my day dreaming and swivelled around so I was face to face with him.

I smiled and shook my head, it actually has been a while, probably 4 months. But now he decided to text, got bored!

C- got bored did you? decided to text me after four months? well I don't think so, go and text someone else who will be bothered because I'm certainately not!


I looked up to my friends and they all shook their heads and turned away to walk somewhere else. They obviously had read my text "Hey wait up, what's the problem?" I asked them whilst running to catch up. "What's the problem with us? Do you not mean what am I doing? Because Justin's been on tour the last 4 months if you didn't know. I seriously don't know how you dare say that, he's probably been busy!" The shouted at me, everyone turned to look at us. "Well he has the nights, mornings. And he doesn't dare text me. He's the one with the problem, not me!" I said walking away.


When I decided I had enough of school, I made my way out the doors and went back home. My parents weren't in so it was just me for two hours, so I wanted to watch a movie and have something to eat. However, I really wanted to sort things out with Justin, I mean, I did come out a bit harsh on him.


C-sorry about that, anyways where you at?

J- its okay, and you were right though, I should've texted you. and I'm on a plane right now, decided I wanted to come and see you;) I'm about to land now so want to hang out?xx

C- yeah I was gonna ask the same thing. How about you meet me at the cinema? Then we'll go get something to eat, because I'm starving!:)

J-sounds okay by me!xx


Well then, I'll need to get changed. I hope he knows that this isn't a date!



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