Caeyla-Rae is a student at Appleby High with the green eyes and brown hair, Justin was well... Justin Bieber, every girl wanted him. But not Caeyla, she hated him. That was until he went to preform one of his songs at her school. Her feelings changed so badly for him, she was completely falling.


9. Complete Silence

Caeylah-Rae's POV


It's been 4 weeks since the day that I spent at the cinemas with Justin. Now me and him are like best friends, it only stayed that way because of what I'd said to him.


flashback____ The movie had just finished and now me and Justin were on our way to my house. I told him how to get to my house from the cinema and now we were sat in his car. Complete Silence... Not one of us said anything to each other, I was just sat staring out of the passenger window watching the cars drive pass.

Eventually we pulled up into my drive way and Justin quickly got out and ran around to open my door for me. I smiled politely to him as I got out and we started to walk to my front door. When we got there, a few minutes later, I turned around to thank him. However, I felt soft plumb lips plant onto mine. Once I knew what was happening I pushed him off of me and stepped back, I looked up into his eyes and saw nothing but guilt. "I'm so sorry, I shouldn't of... I didn't mean t--" "Its fine Justin, but I just want us to be friends. Nothing more okay?" I reassured him, he just nodded and said that he'd like us to be friends.


We gave each other a hug and I waved goodbye to him as he climbed into his car, I watching him drive down the street and into the darkness. Then I stepped inside my house, closed the door and took a long deep breath. "Oh god!"


Today, I was going to see him at his new apartment, and help him pack some of his stuff away. I was currently walking down the road to his apartment block, which I could see was coming into view. Pulling my coat closer to me as I suddenly got cold, I heard "Yo, hurry and come in." I knew who it was by the husky voice, so I looked up and there stood Justin with boxes in his hands, getting some more out his car. I quickly ran up to him getting some of the cardboard boxes out of his arms. "Come on then, show me your crib." I winked at him and walked to the front doors.


Justin quickly caught up with me and opened the door for both of us and led me inside. We got into the elevator and he pressed ground 11, so it was obviously on the top floor. It took a couple of minutes in silence and we were there, he stepped out first and then I followed him. There were only two doors on the landen, we went to the one furthest away from the elevator and Justin swiped his card through the card thingy. I need to research the name for them, haha I thought to myself.


Once we got inside my mouth nearlly touched the floor, it was amazing. Of course it had to be, THE Justin Bieber was staying in it. I mentally face palmed myself. "Wow, Just its amazing!" I said to him with the nickname I made up for him. "I know right." He replied and place the box he was carrying on a table infront of him so I done the same and followed him into a room which I couldn't see yet because the lights were off. But once he turned them on it was the best kitchen I've ever seen.



Justin's POV


By the reaction of her face I could tell she liked it, I was hoping she would because there's one question I want to ask her but I don't know what she'll say. I stood there with a smirk on my face as her eyes marvelled the kitchen again and again. "Like it eh?" I asked sarcasticly, Cay just nodded her head as an answer.


It's been an hour since Caeylah got here and we were both sat on the couch watching The Conjuring. She was cuddled up in my arms with her face hidden behind a pillow. I quietly chuckled to myself, I was still thinking about how I was gonna ask her my question. I don't know how though. "Cay" I said in a low voice, she looked up to my face. "Yeah Justy" OMFG here it goes "Well I was wondering if you.....


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