Cracked Visions

The only thing Rylee has is the old, abandoned house she was left in, and video tapes that were left with her. These aren't any ordinary family home videos. They're video proof of the gruesome murders that her parents were involved in. Growing up watching these videos alone, Rylee must make a choice-- Be a better person than her parents... or follow in their footsteps, either way she needed to leave a dent in the world. With the help of Ethan, Sean, and 4 year old Nico, Rylee will make history.


5. Short and Sweet

aven and Warren stood in front of a suburban home, watching Damien desperately try to pick the lock with an unwound hanger. The boy was grumbling curses and contemplating kicking down the door as he struggled with the lock. Meanwhile, Raven is leaning up against the house with her arms crossed; she looks annoyed, as Warren films the frustrated brunette pitifully attempt to open a dead bolt, and Kiara wandered around the sides of the house, trying to figure out of anyone was home.

Raven gripped her hammer tightly and held it up, "Why don't you break a window, fag-tard?"

"Why do you insist on being such a bitch?" Damien retorted. The high levels of maturity were radiating off of Damien's ever-growing aggravation.

Raven rolled her eyes as she walked off to the side of the house, where Kiara was searching and prepared to shatter the window with her mallet.

"I don't think that's a good idea, Raven…" Kiara warned timidly, backing away from the threatening girl, standing just about ten feet from her.

"Don't undermine me," Raven admonished, not turning to Kiara at all as she hit the glass pane with her tool.

The window shattered into thousands, of tiny pieces right before their eyes, with a loud crash. The two stood silently and waited for an alarm to go off.

"Dammit, Raven! What the hell?!" Damien yelled from the side of the house, "I told you not to break the freaking window!"

Kiara turned to Raven who was climbing through the window and pointed to the girl, "I told her not to! She told me not to undermine her!" Kiara griped with an accusatory tone.

Warren and Damien laughed at Kiara's statement as Raven rolled her eyes as she hopped down from the now empty window sill. The other three teens followed in her footsteps. Immediately, Damien went to explore the rest of the house, with Warren tagging along. Raven, on the other hand, went to explore the house for anything of interest that could be stolen, or a victim that could be slain.

The suburban home was a rather nice one; it almost reminded Kiara of the one she once lived in as a child. It was a two-story dwelling with a staircase in the front, and wooden floors throughout, decorated with oversized furniture and smelled strongly of cleaning solution.

As the two entered the living room, they found a boy and a girl laying peacefully on the tan, leather couch. The girl was an unattractive young woman with wavy, brown hair, knotted sloppily in a ponytail. The boy that was laying his head on her shoulder wasn't much better with short, spiked red hair and severe acne.

"Perfect." Raven whispered under her breath as she approached the sleeping couple. "I sense an opportunity."

Kiara sighed as a look of concern became visible on her face. "Oh come on, leave them alone," the girl pleaded.

Raven looked back at Kiara, "It'll be fun," she smiled darkly. The brunette sat down next to the homely girl that was beginning to wake up.

"Raven…" Kiara groaned, crossing her arms and trying to express how disappointed she was in Raven. At the time, Kiara could never imagine hurting anyone, no matter the circumstances. She remembered, years back, her father telling her that she should fight if she needed to, but Kiara didn't believe she was capable of even a minor brawl, let alone killing or torturing another person for no particular reason.

Raven raised the hammer to the girl's head and emitted a low chuckle as she prepared to knock out her newest victims. With one quick strike, the girl raised the hammer and slammed it down on the forehead of the unattractive female laying on the sofa. With a start, the boy lying next to the victim was thrown awake and scrambled away from Raven.

"Who the hell are you?!" The boy exclaimed frantically as he squirmed away from Raven who was watching the female's forehead change color. The brunette got up and chased after the boy, who ran from the living room straight into the kitchen. Kiara's heart began to speed up as she followed the two into the other room of the house. She wasn't sure what exactly this feeling was. Was it excitement? Fear? Adrenaline, even?

The red-head ran through the maze of the house, frantically trying to find the backdoor, or some kind of exit. Even a window would suffice. He couldn't help but scream as the brunette followed him. He threw his body up against the backdoor as his shaky hands desperately attempted to open the lock. Right as he pulled the door open, it was too late. Raven grabbed the back of his head and slammed it directly into the wooden frame, rendering the boy unconscious. Kiara entered the room and took a moment to process what had happened in just under a minute. Raven nudged the red-head to see if he was truly conscious. There was no response. The brunette hit him hard and fast under the chin with her hammer, knocking the boy back against the door.

Kiara seemed confused, "What was that for?"

"Just to be sure," Raven said matter-of-factly as she dragged her latest victim off.

Suddenly, Damien runs by the doorway, television in hand. He's smiling with an absurd level of gusto, acting as if he just won the lottery.

"What a goddamn idiot," Raven mumbled in a monotone voice as she exited the room, carelessly dragging her latest victim by the ankle like a young child carries around a toy.

Back in the living room, the homely female was still lying on the couch seemingly lifeless, her forehead a bright shade of purple, and her breathing light and feeble. Kiara stepped over to the girl to see if she was still alive. The blonde was almost afraid to find out. Meanwhile, Raven dropped the boy in the middle of the room, and left in search of duct tape.

Kiara touched the pale victim's face and smiled, "You know, you aren't the only one she hurts," Kiara began venting to the lifeless body beside her. "She hurts me all the time. But you know what? She's still kind of like my friend. She, Warren and Damien are the only people I have." Kiara explained as if the victim could hear every word she was saying, "They're like my family. I wonder what they think of me. Probably not much, I’m lucky to be alive for as long as I have. I just hope it stays that way." Kiara stroked the motionless girl’s hair, and let the tears fall while she had the chance without the others seeing.

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