Cracked Visions

The only thing Rylee has is the old, abandoned house she was left in, and video tapes that were left with her. These aren't any ordinary family home videos. They're video proof of the gruesome murders that her parents were involved in. Growing up watching these videos alone, Rylee must make a choice-- Be a better person than her parents... or follow in their footsteps, either way she needed to leave a dent in the world. With the help of Ethan, Sean, and 4 year old Nico, Rylee will make history.


11. How to End With a BANG!

Kiara made her way up the stairs, remembering that the box had been in one of the three 'bedrooms'. That's when the flashbacks began. Memories of the good times, or at least, as good as they would ever be, and memories of the times when Kiara feared for her life. Part of her happy that she had escaped, after all, she probably would've died. But the other side of her yearned for Damien and Raven's company again. They had become like a family to her.

Finally, she found it. A worn, cardboard box filled with tapes, marked with the words, "If found, do not return" in black sharpie. Feeling nostalgic, Kiara pulled open the cardboard flaps, smiling as she looked over the tiny, plastic, camcorder tapes. There had to be at least a hundred; all memories of the past, and her life before this. Wanting to get out of the house, Kiara picked up the box, and wandered to a desolate part of town, spending the entire night digging through the box, reading labels, and reminiscing on the days past.

Just before dawn, Kiara closed the box, and crossed out the words "do not return," replacing them with "burn immediately."

The girl closed her eyes as she took the lighter from her jean pocket. It was time to erase the past.But before she could, a thought overwhelmed her. Could she really erase the past? She couldn’t do it. Instead she buried the box close to the house. There were other tapes in the house, but she didn’t feel like grabbing them.

She couldn’t erase the past—but she couldn’t live with it either. She knew what she had to do. Kiara ran back in the house and grabbed a random cord that she found on the ground. “This is it” she said out loud to herself. She made herself a noose and made all her pain go away the only way she knew how.


Rylee sat on the edge of her bed, her body completely sore. She slipped some pants on and got up to search for more clothing. She put a shirt on, but it rubbed against her new cuts and bruises. Sean stretched, too comfortable to get up. His muscles ached, and his back was still dripping with blood.

“Get up, we have to go.” Rylee said putting shoes on.

“Right now?”

“Yes, get your lazy ass up. I have work to do, we have quite a walk, and we need to get there around 2 or 3 in the morning. Go to the basement and grab the gunpowder.” She ordered. Rylee walked into the other room and woke Nico up.

“Hey, sweetie. Your dad and I are leaving, we’re going to be gone for a little bit, okay?”

“Okay, when are you going to be back?” The groggy little girl asked.

“Soon. We’re not going to be gone long, okay?” Nico nodded her head and rolled over back to sleep. Sean came in with a baggie of gunpowder in hand.

Rylee was surprised that Nico managed to sleep while her and Sean were in the other room. They were as quiet as possible, but had a feeling they were still making too much noise. Rylee grabbed the baggie from Sean’s hands and they left the house.

They snuck around, down alleyways, and up the highway. They made it to the small town over. About 10 miles away from their house. It was a long walk, and they managed to get there a quarter before 3 in the morning. They sat behind a fence that surrounded a small house. It was kind of ironic, because there weren’t really any other houses around it.

“Turn the camera on.” Rylee demanded. Sean filmed her taking apart a light bulb and pouring gunpowder inside it, and putting it back together.

“In theory,” She said, “When the electricity goes through the lightbulb, and makes contact with the gunpowder, BOOM! This should be bitchin’!” She grabbed the lightbulb with her gloved hand, and snuck in the fence. They snuck up to the back door, and managed to get in without making a noise. They replaced the lightbulb by the front door. They finished quickly, and Sean almost grabbed the front door knob before being interrupted.

“NO!” Rylee whispered harshly, “The reason we didn’t come in that way, is because of the bell! Don’t you pay attention to anything? And you can’t touch anything. You have no gloves on!” They went out the back door and walked around the house to the front. Rylee hid across the street behind some shrubs, and she made Sean go ring the doorbell. He ran back quickly, and they silently watched as they saw the light in the hallway turn on, and then the light in the living room. Their hearts pounded in their chests as they waited for it. Boom. Waiting. Waiting. Until it finally happened.

There was a loud explosion, and they caught it on camera. Blood everywhere, body parts everywhere, what was left of the house was on fire. It was a beautiful sight. There must’ve been at least 10 people in this house, there’s no way there’d be that much gore unless there was a number of people in there. Pride overwhelmed both Rylee and Sean, but they had to leave. They turned the camera off, and snuck home, lucky they didn’t get caught.


As Raven entered the house, she could smell it. The smell of rotting flesh. It’s the smell she’d lived with for most of her life. But it was time. She couldn’t live here anymore, so she made Damien wait in the car as she brought the small child into the house. “I don’t even know what to do with you.” She said to the baby that couldn’t understand a word of it. “I should just kill you right here, right now.” She said the words, but Raven knew she didn’t mean it. She had killed entire families before—but couldn’t bring herself to kill her own child. NO. This baby was not her child. Not anymore, she didn’t have any children. She told herself this over and over again until she was actually convinced.

She set the child down on the old, dusty couch and went upstairs. That’s when she saw Kiara’s swinging body. She let out a gasp, but couldn’t manage a scream. She hasn’t spoken to Kiara in almost a year by that point. She never thought she’d find Kiara like this, she thought that she would be the one to kill her. And who knows, maybe in a sense, she did. She took the body down and buried it in the back yard, and Damien came in, annoyed.

“What the fuck are you doing? Drop the kid off and get back in the car. You’re not having second thoughts are you?”

“No, asshole!” Raven sobbed, “I just found Kiara’s dead body!” Damien noticed Raven was finishing filling a hole.

“So you’re putting her here? Why not over by Warren’s body?”

“I don’t know where you buried him, remember?” Raven felt bad about making jokes out of Warren’s death. She had become somewhat attached to Kiara.

“I can’t leave Rylee here,” Raven continued, “Not by herself…”

Damien rolled his eyes, “And why the hell not?” He paused. “You know what? Fine. I can get this homeless guy down the street to watch over her, okay? He’ll watch her.” And with that the couple left.


As soon as they walked through the door to their house they both heard noises. Like someone talking. Rylee looked at Sean and put her finger up to her lips, motioning to be quiet. They snuck into the living room, Sean grabbed a hammer that was close by, just in case. When they walked into the den area, they realized it was the tv. A video was playing. Rylee sighed with relief, and Sean put the hammer down on a nearby shelf.

“I’m going to let Nico know we’re home, can you fix something to eat? Anything? Go steal a bag of chips or something, I don’t care.” Rylee told Sean.

Rylee walked further into the den, “Nico, honey, we’re ho—“ She stopped. The figure sitting in front of the tv was not Nico. Rylee felt her heart pound in her chest. The woman stood up and turned around. Then she knew. She’s never seen her in person before—but she knew right away who it was because it was like looking at an aged version of her reflection in the mirror.

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