Jordan is 17. She is a semi popular girl. She loves playing volleyball and books. She has good grades, and a loving family. But has a deep secret that nobody, not anyone besides her knows. In this story, she reveals her secret. To someone...


2. Daylight sucks, but maybe not

I got up this morning at 6:30. I was 20 minutes early. I wanted to curl back in bed and fall asleep but i decided to just take a shower and have some time.

I had my shower and was ready by 7. I had over an hour  until i had to drive to school. I waited. I fell asleep again on my bed and I woke up again at 9:45. "Shit! I'm late!" My mom was still home and heard me. "Jordan! What the hell are you still doing here?!" " I fell back asleep!" "Get your ass going!" "It's already half of the day unless you come in with me or give me a note or let me stay home." "Well I sure as hell aint going! Here. I'll write a freaking note. Hurry up and get your stuff." I ran to the hallway to get my shoes and purse. I met my mom at the door and ran out to my car. I started it and drove as fast as i could trying not to speed.

I got into the nurse, gave her the note and i got a pass to Biology. Mr. Matthews  was my teacher and was a nice one. He is about 24 and really handsome. I got inside and heard the class gasp. "Well Miss Parker. Glad you could join us." I wasnt doing very well in class and today i dreaded the first afterschool tutoring. He looked at me and smiled. "You just missed a little bit of notes but not too much. He handed me them and winked. I felt my cheeks turn darker, i couldnt believe Mr. Matthews winked at me.

The girls around me laughed and whispered, "Oooh, you want him. He liks you." And they kept on making fun of me. I sat and tuned them out, trying to listen to the lesson.


I met Mr. Matthews outside in the courtyard. He had his books ready. "Hello Miss Parker." "You can call me Jordan sir." "Alright Jordan. Lets see what you need help with."


"Alright. We will finish this discussion tomorrow." "Thank you Mr. Matthews." "Wait, Jordan. I need to ask you something..." "Yes?" "Do you want to come and do some studying over at my house tomorrow?" "Umm. Sure...Mr.Matthews." "See you tomorrow in class!"

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