Jordan is 17. She is a semi popular girl. She loves playing volleyball and books. She has good grades, and a loving family. But has a deep secret that nobody, not anyone besides her knows. In this story, she reveals her secret. To someone...


3. Daylight Is Better, But Not The Best

I was up at 5:30 and was all done and ready by 6:15. My mom got up at 6:30. "Why the hell are you awake so early?" "I couldn't fall back asleep." "Whatever, make sure you get your ass out of the house in an hour and a half. I'm not driving you and I'm going back to sleep."


It was 7:50, and I had to go out and start my car. I grabbed my bag, and my lunch, and headed out the door. I backed it out and drove to the Starbucks. 

I walked in and ordered a Frappuccino. I had a minute so I sat and used the free WiFi. I heard a *ding*, meaning someone was walking in. I didn't look cause I didn't really care. But then I heard. "Hello Jordan." I looked up, and it was none other than Mr. Matthews. "Oh hi Mr. Matthews." "I didn't know you came here." "First time on a school day." He went up and ordered and came back, and we had a small conversation.

Then he spoke up. "Well we both better hurry." I looked at the time. "Oh, yeah I guess we do." 

We arrived at school at 8:20, just before the bell was going to ring. I hurried to 1st period, and Mr.Matthews hurried to his class. 


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