Colors-TMNT FanFic

How Isabella Trinity Kingsley met the turtles.


2. Chapter Two

Chapter Two


Then, I hear her voice in the kitchen. “I’m sorry, Mikey. I’m with a friend.” She sighs, “Yes, I’ll bring  pizza. Tell Donny I said hi.” She smiles as I round the corner. “Bye.” She closes her phone.

“Babysitting again?” She jumps as she turns.

“Oh. Uh, kinda.” I raise my left eyebrow, but ask no more.

“Didja like the movie?”

“Kinda...scary.” I grin.

“Good. You wanna watch something else?”

“Nothing scary!”

I laugh, “Alright. How about Expendables II?”

“Okay, why not the first?”

“I don’t like the first one. Anyway, Terry Crews is hot.” She rolls her eyes.

“Come on.” She grabs my arm and pulls me to the living room. “I think Bruce Willis is cuter.” It’s my turn to roll my eyes.

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