Colors-TMNT FanFic

How Isabella Trinity Kingsley met the turtles.


3. Chapter Three

Chapter Three





“Terry!” We had watched the movie and were now walking down Moon Street, arguing about whom was cuter.


“Ter--Stop!” She does. “Look,” I whisper. Up ahead, in an alley, are a bunch of guys beating and kicking things.

“Oh, no.” They turn and see nothing but darkness, so they turn back and keep vandalizing the alleyway. She backs away when I hear a small sound coming from a box one guy was kicking. Mew. Oh, heck to the no! They are not hurting animals!! If there is one thing I won’t stand for, it’s cruelty to children or animals! I start to walk toward the guy kicking the little kitten.

He turns and his eyes widen. “Hey! Guys, looks like a little mouse lost its way!” They grin and I scowl, my eyes narrowing. The guys walk toward me, pulling out their weapons. One licks his lips, looking me up and down.

“You know, boys, I think it’s rude to jump a girl that’s unarmed. Thankfully, though, I’m not!!” In the last couple words, I lean down quickly and pull out my knife from my calf-high stiletto boots. I slash two of the four guys’ throats, and stab one other’s jugular, watching his blood pool beneath him. The last, the one who was kicking the kitten, was cowering in the corner. I step up to him, slowly, deliberately, and stomp on his leg, snapping the bone. He screams in agony.

“Oh...I’m sorry. Did that hurt? Let me take your mind off it.” I lean closer to him, like I was going to kiss him, but at the last moment stomp on his other leg. He screams again. I then promptly stab through his rib cage, to his heart. I turn and pick up the kitten as the four guys bleed out. It licks my face, even with all the blood. It’s a girl. I turn back to April who is staring wide-eyed at me. “Isn’t she adorable?!” I walk to a cute-looking house, the home of a little girl named Annette. She’s always wanted a kitten, but couldn’t afford one. I put the kitten on the porch and knock on the door loudly. A light comes on, and I run as the door opens. I walk back to April, and say, “Let’s go.”

“ have a place...for, um...go?” I raise an eyebrow as she leads me to a sewer lid. She pulls it up, then nods for me to climb in.

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