Colors-TMNT FanFic

How Isabella Trinity Kingsley met the turtles.


1. Chapter One

Chapter One


“Hey. Hey. Hey. Izzy. Izzy. Izzy. Tri. Tri. Tri. Tri.” With every word, April O'Neil would poke my left arm while I lay on my right on my bright green couch in my two-story house. I groan, trying to wake up fully.

“What, April?” She stops poking me as I raise my head.

“I got the movies!” My best friend dumps her bag on me, DVDs, VHS, and old films spilling out.

“Wow, thanks. I’ve always wanted dumped on,” I mutter under my breath.

“You wanna watch one now?”

“Sure,” I sigh. “Um…….” I look through the mountain of DVDs. “How...about...this one?” I pull up a copy of Thir13en Ghosts so she can see the screaming face on the cover.

“O-okay.” I put the disk in the player, and sit next to April as the screen for my Scar-13 pops up. Yes, I invented a TV, so what?


About a million screams later…


“That was cool, right April?” I look over to her spot.

She’s gone!!

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