Colors-TMNT FanFic

How Isabella Trinity Kingsley met the turtles.


4. Chapter Four

Chapter Four


“Um, Izzy, they’re a little strange.” She mentions as we’re walking through a mostly dry sewer system.

“You mean because they live in here? Nah, I’m weirder.” She smiles shakily. “Hey, uh, about back there, um, you can’t tell anyone. Ever. You weren’t even supposed to see that.” She hesitates, but nods. “And, I’m really sorry you had to see that.”

“Don’t worry about it. Oh, we’re here.” She knocks on the wall as we walk into an old subway station.

“Oh, April, you’re here. I--” The voice stops as someone stands up in the shadows.

“Hey, Donnie. This is my friend, Isabella. She, um...I thought I should bring her here.” She finishes just as another, more boyish, voice comes from another room.

“You brought another friend? Is this the one you were with when I called?” She laughs and answers with a yes.

“Mikey, guys, can someone turn on the light?” I hear a click and a whir, and look at where the voices were coming from and see...turtles. I look over at April, who is waiting for my reaction. Oh, my God. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re turtles!!


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