Her life changed with one sound. The screech of tires, and all she loved was gone. Out of reach. She wished she could turn back time. Put herself in his place. He would of been safer that way, we all would of been.


1. The Party

Her long purple hair flowed past her shirt, down to her belly button, which was visible past her pale pink crop top. She had coupled it with a violet (like her name) skirt, with and pale blue tights. Her arm was draped around him. She couldn't remember his name. Hell. She could barely remember her own name. Though she knew he was her boyfriend, she recognised his golden curls which had been stuck to his head with sweat. Everything else was a blur of flashing lights. Her head was already pounding with the hangover she would have tomorrow. "C'mon Babe. Let's dance." She ordered, her voice slurred. He grunted in agreement and they started to dance. Their drunken movements sloppy.


A couple of hours later and she was bored. Bored out of her mind. She motioned to her boyfriend, and they made their way outside. Staggering to the car. He opened the battered and bruised red door and slid into the drivers seat, whilst she plastered herself onto the passenger seat. Even in her drunken state she remembered to put her seatbelt on. He didn't. He started the car and they started driving. The car was almost never in a straight line, always zigging this way and then zagging the next. A loud car horn filled their ears. She just turned the music up louder and ignored it. Then something happened which couldn't be ignored. A crack of glass, the screech of car tires. The crunch of metal. His body, his hair, his face. She wished she remembered them more clearly now.

Now he was gone.

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