College Life

Two best friends, Emily and Megan leave school and go to university. Soon their boyfriends move in too and with the boys, comes a load of mischief and silly capers. As the friends settle in they soon realise getting on with each other may be a little harder than they first thought...

Rated yellow for language and references.


3. The first boy.

It had been 2 days since Emily had got confirmation of Alessandro's flight and Megan hadn't heard anything from her boyfriend Cathal. She sighed and scrolled through their chat from the other week. The girls had moved all their belongings into the apartment and everything seemed quite homely. There were 2 bedrooms that were comfortably furnished each with a double bed, a decently sized bathroom, kitchen and living room.

Emily was in the kitchen making their tea and Megan was sat at the breakfast bar looking at her phone and absent-mindedly buttering some bread.

Then the doorbell went. "I'll get it" Megan said as she slipped off her stool and walked down the hall to the front door. She put her phone in her pocket and undid the lock. She pulled open the door to a tall man with red hair and bright blue eyes.

She was whisked up into a tight hug and a few tears spilled over her eyelashes. "I've waited so long" she whispered into his chest as he stroked her hair. It was Cathal, the boy she had fallen in love with so many years ago.

Emily heard Megan's squeal and went to see what was wrong. She stopped and grabbed a slice of bread and walked into the hallway. Her eyes met with the sight of two people kissing. One of which was Megan. "Hi Cathal" she said and walked back to the kitchen, shoving the bread into her mouth.

They finished the kiss and walked into the flat holding hands. "How did you get here?" Megan asked sitting down on the sofa. "I'd been saving up since we first agreed to meet eachother and I took the plane from Ireland as soon as I had enough" he smiled.

"I took the liberty of putting your suitcases in Megan's room while you two were having a moment" Emily said over her shoulder as she threw the onions into the pan.


Now all they had to do was wait for Saturday when Alessandro would arrive.


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