College Life

Two best friends, Emily and Megan leave school and go to university. Soon their boyfriends move in too and with the boys, comes a load of mischief and silly capers. As the friends settle in they soon realise getting on with each other may be a little harder than they first thought...

Rated yellow for language and references.


8. Smashing plates.

Megan walked through a field full of buttercups and daisies, she breathed in the clean air and felt the warm sunshine on her skin. She sighed, blissful tranquillity.

A smash from across the hall dragged her out of her dream and back into reality. Another smash and some shouting. she climbed out of bed and pulled on her fluffy purple dressing gown. As she passed the side table she grabbed Cathal's pocket knife and padded towards the door.


She walked into the kitchen to see Emily holding a plate above her head and Alessandro holding both his hands up. "That's my crockery you're smashing!" Megan yelled at Emily, slipping the knife into her pocket. Emily turned to look at her and smashed the plate onto the floor. Megan scowled as Emily pointed an accusing finger at Alessandro, "He, " she spat, "He's been seeing another girl!" Alessandro gave a pleading glance to Megan as she folded her arms across her chest. "I- It was just one ni-"

"I don't want to hear it... Leave." Megan pointed towards the door, "But-"

"Leave!" He turned, walked to their bedroom and put his hand on the doorknob.

"Alessandro?" Megan asked walking up behind him. He turned and she smiled putting her arms around his shoulders. He smirked as she leant to his ear.

"Nutshot" She whispered and drove her knee into his groin, causing him to double over in pain. She smiled and walked back to the kitchen, casually leaning against the worktop and taking a sip of her tea.

"You gave him a nutshot didn't you?" Emily looked at Megan's satisfied expression and let out a breathy laugh. Megan nodded as Cathal walked in and glanced back at the hall. "Why is Alessandro rolling around on the floor?"

"He cheated on Emily" Megan said bluntly.

"Then he deserved it" Cathal said and went to make a coffee for himself giving Megan a kiss on the cheek. They heard a cough and the door slam as Alessandro ran out carrying his suitcase.

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