College Life

Two best friends, Emily and Megan leave school and go to university. Soon their boyfriends move in too and with the boys, comes a load of mischief and silly capers. As the friends settle in they soon realise getting on with each other may be a little harder than they first thought...

Rated yellow for language and references.


11. Lectures

Emily's first lecture was pretty boring it was just a recap of before and a welcome back. Emily took all her notes down and after her lecture it was lunch so she headed out onto the field.

Her phone buzzed In her pocket as she threw her bag on the floor In  her usual corner of the field then sat down. It was a text from Megan which read "How was it?" Emily replied with one word "boring". While she got her notepad out she heard a cough and looked up only to see the tall boy again.

"Hi" he said while he shuffled awkwardly. Emily looked at him and smiled sweetly "Hello"

"May I sit with you?" The boy asked while looking at her Emily nodded and shuffled over so he could sit down with her.

"My names Lucas by the way" Lucas smiled at her and sat down next to her.

"M-My names Emily" She stuttered slightly still looking into his eyes. They both talked all lunchtime and got to know each other he was from New Jersey and this was his first year, seeing as it was Emily's second year she promised to show him around properly, they exchanged phone numbers but unfortunately Lucas had to leave to his next lecture. Emily sat back and smiled.

"Maybe today isn't so bad" She thought.

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