College Life

Two best friends, Emily and Megan leave school and go to university. Soon their boyfriends move in too and with the boys, comes a load of mischief and silly capers. As the friends settle in they soon realise getting on with each other may be a little harder than they first thought...

Rated yellow for language and references.


7. Just talking

Megan smiled and climbed into bed in her baggy t-shirt and snuggled into the dovet. Cathal got in the other side and they just laid facing eachother and smiling slightly. It seemed like forever until Cathal said, "I've waited so long for this, so so long." Megan smiled and lightly caressed his face "I love you." She pressed a kiss to his hand and smiled. Cathal wrapped his arms around her and gave her a tender, lingering kiss. "I love you too" he whispered going to kiss her again.

There was a noise from the next room. "Excuse me a minute" Megan said as she got out of bed and knocked on the wall, "KEEP IT DOWN IN THERE!" she yelled and casually got back into bed. "Now where were we?" she smiled as he wrapped his arms around her again and brushed the hair off her face.

They fell into a blissful sleep wrapped in a warm hug.


Cathal stirred in the bedroom and knocked something off the cabinet "Shit" he muttered and picked up a deodorant can and put it back. Megan opened one eye and stretched and quickly hid her face again as he was half dressed. He hadn't noticed her. He gave her a kiss on the cheek as she pretended to be asleep and walked into the kitchen, he was making breakfast as she snuck up behind him and tickled his waist with her fingers making him jump "Good morning sir" she giggled as he spun round.

Emily groggily walked in and yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, "The beast has awoken" Megan joked.

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