College Life

Two best friends, Emily and Megan leave school and go to university. Soon their boyfriends move in too and with the boys, comes a load of mischief and silly capers. As the friends settle in they soon realise getting on with each other may be a little harder than they first thought...

Rated yellow for language and references.


14. House check

A few days passed since the viewing of the kitten and the three had been frantically cat-proofing the apartment and tidying up ready for the house check.

A woman dressed in the uniform for RSPCA Sheffield knocked on the door. Megan answered and glared at Cathal to put the kitchen knife away and grinned at the woman.

"Hello my name is Louise, I will be just checking your accommodation is suitable for the kitten you reserved" She said with a warm smile as Megan welcomed her into the apartment.

Louise silently checked each room and noted things down on her clipboard, ignoring the small collection of clothes strewn on the bedroom floors and walked back to the living room.

Emily piped up from the depths of the living room sofa "Oh I really hope we get him, he's adorable and because there is only two floors in the complex he can roam around in the garden as he pleases" Louise smiled at Emily "Well, your apartment is perfect for him. Are you sure you want him?"

Cathal came through and wrapped his arms around Megan's waist, and looked at Louise "Sure as sure can be" He smiled and gave Megan a quick kiss.

"When will he be ready to collect?" Emily got up and stood by the two, smiling at them as Megan put her arm around Emily's shoulders.

"We'll say 3 days" Louise smiled and walked out the door to her van.

They watched the door close and erupted into an excited mess "This is going to be brilliant, like having a kid.... But a cat"

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