The Vision of the supernatural

A family moved to a new house the boy stated seeing things and lands himself into trouble will he live or not


1. the vision of the supernatural

It was the year of 2001 a family of 5 moved

to a old house the house number was


The family was fine until they moved.

The son went To his new bedroom he

opened the door and looked around and he saw nothing a big empty room but little did he know it was cursed.

He heard his mum shouting

Mum: "Jake"

Mum: "Jake your xbox has come"

So jake went down stairs and got the box with the xbox in he took it up stairs put it in his bedroom and waited for his other things.

The next day he wok up and the rest of his things was here and all unpacked and connected he turned on his tv and his Xbox and started playing FIFA 14.

A hour past and he started hearing noises he looked up and saw someone standing there just looking at him he shouted his mum and she came upstairs "what's the matter jake"

Jake: "There's someone there"

Mum: "Where"

Jake: "There"

Mum: "Your imagining things it's not there"

Jake: "ok sorry to bother you"

Mum: "It's fine"

(Little did she know there was a ghost there)

A few days past it got more scary and jake started seeing more things. A couple more days past he met someone else but this one talks telling him to follow but jake wanted to find out what was going on so he followed him. He followed him all the way to the shed he got trapped in there. Hours later his mum shouted him for tea

Mum: "jake your teas ready" no answere

Mum: "jake"

She went up to his room he wasn't in there she shouted him still no answer. Meanwhile jake was kicking screaming shouting help, help me then the ghost came back he said ghost: "for your freedom I need my freedom" jake: "what" ghost: "I'm trapped in the sprit world I want out and I want it and I want it soon". His mum came outside she heard help help she ran to the shed mum: "jake you in there you ok" jake: "no he's trapped me" she saw the ghost: "for your sons freedom I want my freedom" mum: " how can I do that?"

To be continued

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