The last day of my life, my dear wife "i love you"

The story of a never ending life situation Where a father of 3 Finally comes home from fighting at war and meets the new arrival!


1. "the ending of the war;you can be happy!"

The day went by like a snail, slower and slower as each second passed after several years of fighting at war, I can finally come home to see my children. I've experienced many years of phenomenal winds, excruciating bombs, going off when your near, shimmering flaxen sunlight beaming on the flesh beneath... Like a lion attempting to devour it's prey. I just couldn't cope the sheepish pains struck to me like a lightning bolt piercing the centre of the atmosphere. One more hour until I get to reach my destination, to be happy. To be loved. Despite on the many cultures I can be happy again, even if I've lost a leg;broke many bones in my body; bled to death and conquered my biggest fears, I CAN be happy!

As I received a letter from my boss, I uncontrollably couldn't move my heart was beating faster my lungs were breathing harder and I started to get a slight tensing feeling in my wrists as I clutched my fingers together in happiness... I was overwhelmed, the letter read "dear, warrant officer (aka Sargent Peter Rodgers). I am writing to inform you about the conservations we have as a military group, and I the leader will lead you to your following dreams, the key to happiness... As this war has been continuously happening over and over again, you've been awarded to take a break, we will pay for you to travel in our private military Air Force service (Dakota DC10) just so you can go home and see your family, this. Has been awarded to many, but as we noticed your wife Leona is heavily pregnant and needs a guide to be there, this has happened to many but unfortunately we couldn't let them go, considering your one of our main captains we will allow you to leave this bomb-site for a short amount of time, possible for a month or two? But we will need you back ASAP, without you it will be hard but. If. Only if it makes you happy then therefore that's what we must do, not every single part of life is such a happy time, but when your in a situation like this I aspire you to be happy, you can be happy! We hope your happy with your new arrival, your wife called yesterday but I forgot to mention 'she misses you' and that you have a new son on the way, did she not tell you? Anyway congratulations... And us all wish you the best!:) kind regards, deputy Laurence. Underline the word!"

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