The last day of my life, my dear wife "i love you"

The story of a never ending life situation Where a father of 3 Finally comes home from fighting at war and meets the new arrival!


2. "the disastrous travel"

The problem started when I was getting onto the Air Force's plane - Dakota DC10 I delicately travelled along the serrated ground, with a heart full of emptiness and a soul full of loneliness , the excruciating time being there was just too much too handle, I missed my wife, I missed my kids, I missed my pals, but I only did this for one reason and one reason only, to protect against the world, to fight for my life ... But not only mine everyone else's, it has been hard these couple of years knowing that my closest friends have sadly passed away during the war, we all do sometimes feel a regret and feel a tear drop running down your cheeks, with a stuffed nose, Sadly it's part of life, everything goes wrong!

I try and try and try my hardest to forget about these bad memories that crush my dreams, my hopes, my piece and serenity, my soul, my everything. Which is why I always wear my poppy to show my respect to those who fought their lives just to help protect us. On my way back to my staggering home town where the seas lay, and where the fun begins! I got close to the plane but when a bomb abruptly set off in a flash before my eyes, I saw these Muslims running off like bin laden, with their Taliban, and bulky bushy beards!! Carrying their amo, long white night suits, machetes, machine guns, all fully equipped just like bin laden so I say.

My leg literally bled like god knows what, maybe like a lion devouring it's prey, tearing off it's skin ingesting to it's flesh and bones, But I still went through the pain... I got treated in the plane, but they found that there was so many stitches they needed to use that they didn't intend to have, they left them back at England, so before they could stitch my leg/scars/cuts up, we had to travel millions of miles just to reach England, I had to get fully treated at the hospital... But on the plane, I had to deal with the blood gushing out my veins faster then a lightning bolt piercing the shell-like atmosphere, they was running low on medical equipment and only had a old dirty bandage that was found, some string, disinfectant spray, cotton balls and a couple of plasters... I myself had to try and clean up things so I used this disinfectant to clear up the excess blood with a cotton ball, and then got the outdated bandage and swirled it around the oozing cuts, I eventually laid there in pain holding my shotgun, getting ready to shoot my way across, I'd be so happy once I got out from here. It's a disgrace!

I ended up laying on the plane in agony, this can't be happening to me this is just a dream, lord please lift my soul and heal this hurt I'm feeling! I praised down to hopefully get home in time just to see my new son, my wife sent a letter down to me as I was reading it on the plane it said...

"my man, my true inspiration... I hope your doing okay there, we miss you like crazy. Me, Elizabeth, Mary Jane and Oliver all miss you, they can't wait to see you again, and neither can the new arrival, I hope you get home safely, every night I praise thinking you're okay, I hear trumpets every morning when I awaken from the military band. Baby why'd you leave us, why did you have to go? I was counting on forever, I'll never know.. I suffer in pain, it's hurting to think about you and how your doing, it's like I'm looking from a distance, standing in the background of your shadow, everybody's saying he's not coming home now, this can't be happening please tell me it's just a dream, from the night you sleep till the day you rise, we all have every single faith in you, you have the ability to do what it takes. Show them you are not afraid, show them how strong you are, I have not heard from you lately, I'm getting worried, please let me know your okay! I love you xxx all our love from your beloved wife, and your 3 children and 4th for an upcoming ( Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Oliver& bump)" reading this letter brought teardrops to the naked eye, I miss my family and urgently needed to get home. The time struck to me. Hit me faster then lightning. Needed to get home. Needed to think, need a break!

We was travelling in the plane when I got given a fake leg to waddle on, I couldn't breathe. The smoke got to my lungs and infected my chest. The blood oozed out of my legs' cuts and scratches. The scars that was left beneath shattered my inner soul, the comparison to one another. Still In pain, but I had to fight it, I had to suffer the long-lasting pain that regained more and more by each minute, my dear beloved wife rang me as I was travelling back to my hometown.

I couldn't thank my boss more then ever and I couldn't repay him for what he had done, just so I'd say. Yes my wife rang, but I didn't get chance to answer! However she did leave a voicemail that read "Peter, we miss you. We need you, our son is due tonight... I've been at the hospital and they said this birth is unnatural and may have appeared to have produced urine in your Womb, and if isn't able to come out it could damage your body, and may have to have an emergency c-section, at this point I got worried, honey I need your help, I need your support. Just please let me know your okay and your safe, please come back home! My waters are due to break in the next 12 hours, please make it home in time. I love you!" As the line cut out when she was sobbing quietly, hearing this broke my heart. I needed to find a way to tell her I was coming home, but I didn't have my phone on me and I doubt my boss would let me use his. Maybe I should Just ask anyway. Which is what I did, despite on the fact that we wasn't allowed to use phones because of the radiation waves that can be caused and mess up the satellite, but deputy Laurence confirmed that I was able to use it.

I rang my wife but however there was no answer, I tried again but then the line died. It appeared that every single time I tried ringing her it just cut out, I didn't know whether she was due in labor right this second or whether she had started contractions, or her waters had broke and I wasn't there. I left a voicemail saying "darling, I'm on my way home. I'm safe, I'll be there within the next couple of hours I'm just temporally travelling across the Indian Ocean, I should be there soon. Stay strong and I hope our little man arrives on a safe line, I love you." But as this moment passed by, the radiation waves from the phone caused an eruption in the air forces engine, and caused a serious break down. The plane was slowing down by each millisecond and slowly descending to the ground, not by the pilots but by the engine. There was a leak in the engine and caused serious damage, the plane dropped out of the sky like a meteorite approaching the atmosphere and demolishing everything in it's pathway. The planes wing caught on fire in the air and trembled to the ground in a thunderous crash.

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