Something wick, Cassidy?

It's about a wicked plan, he does say. She plans for the laugh at the end of revenge.
Author-I hope you guys like this, if you want me to continue please say or like.


4. Don't die on me!

Another month passed

“I swear if this here hurts, why should I show sympathy towards them? They will pay for everything, that they too will feel my pain but in much worst condition. I just wish my plan wouldn't take me away from my love but I guess he understands, I may die but our love shall never die. My first plan will simply stun them; second play will shock them but the third plan? That’s for me to know and for you to read on”

A tear rolled down his cheek as he released he may never be with her. ‘My love, you’re slowly killing me in the inside’ He whispered to himself. He walked to the kitchen to see the dead rose in its vase. ‘What’s next Cassidy?’ He asked not bothering to read on.

Flash back*****

“John?” A pretty girl walked towards a man sitting alone in a cafe.

“I’m john, what’s your name love?” He asked as she sat next to him.

“That’s for you to found out” She simply said, she took his warm cup of tea and took a sip.

“So you’re challenging me?” He said as his eyebrow fell up.

“Maybe.Why so lonely, john?” She asked, she looked at the book in front of him and then looked at him.

“My friend cancelled on me” He replied

“Something we have in common, what eves.” She paused “Bye john” she added, she stood and walked without a reply. She wore a pink coat, with a white over sized shirt and black leggings and tall heels. Her red lipstick stained the glass, he smiled.


John left his home in his black Bentley. He drove and drove for time would kill the pain he consumed in him. ‘Why Cassidy?’ He asked as he fell out of the front window and crushing along the way.  As he laid covered in blood, people running to the scene, ‘ I’m sorry..’ He said as he laid with no heart in beat.

“John?” A girl in a pink coat stroked John’s face. “Don’t die on me!” She whispered to him but he remained icy cold. She stood and walked away for the ambulance to take him away.  Who is this girl? Or better who is the girl in the pink coat?




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