Something wick, Cassidy?

It's about a wicked plan, he does say. She plans for the laugh at the end of revenge.
Author-I hope you guys like this, if you want me to continue please say or like.


5. Am I dead?

"Am I dead?" Asked John.

"No john, your alive" Said a nurse. She walked out of sight and came another lady.

"Cassidy?" He asked, she pierced a smile and shook her head in pity. "It is you"

" It's an illusion my darling" She said walking up to him, and being stroking his hand."Can you feel me?" She asked.

"Yes" He said, he grabber her hand and kissed it. "I thought-"

"I know, it's a madness" She said, she grabbed hold of a glass of water. She played her pointed finger around the edges. "Madness" She repeated and took a sip out of the glass leaving it with a red stain.

"Why did you do what you did?" He asked, she shook her head. "Why, Cassidy?" He asked after no reply.

"I may planned but I had no tension of doing so." She said, she walked to the window. They wear on 5th floor, it was so high from the ground. "You bought me back" She said and then looked up at him.

"Who done it to you" He asks.


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