Dream Diary

I'm writing this in both English and danish

It's not really a story, it's just a diary where i write all my dreams
and share it with everyone ^^


2. Dream 2 18-05-2014

I was walking around in a large building looking for where I was supposed to be, i came to a large corridor and began walking down,  there were alot of doors but i couldn't get myself to open any of them. As i walked, i saw a door at the end of the corridor that was opened up, just a tiny bit but there were still Alot of light shining out of it, kinda like, if it was wide open and the freaking SUN was shining through.
I stopped walking, just staring at it, it became brighter and looked like it was coming closer. I heard a voice saying "Run! but no matter what, Don't. Look. Back". I was frozen in place, couldn't get my legs to move. I got pushed by something, but there were noone there, that's when i got control of my legs again, i began running as fast as i could and I could hear the swooshing from the corridor getting smaller and smaller and closing in on me with every step, all of a sudden, Pitch black, nothing, all i could hear was my footsteps against the floor that kept appearing in front of me and a small amount of light that lighted up about 50cm in front of me.

I came out in a cave, and i wasn't looking through my own eyes, it was a 2D version of a cave riding motorcycling

I began riding it and crashed it into something and woke up (it's kinda blurry that part)

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