Dream Diary

I'm writing this in both English and danish

It's not really a story, it's just a diary where i write all my dreams
and share it with everyone ^^


1. Dream 1 06-03-2014

It wasn't a long dream but in the dream I went on a trip with my girlfriend, her family and my family to a large cabin out in a very nice area, there were a lake, mountain tracks and of cause the cabin itself.

I got out of the car and tok my fishing rod, assembeld it and went down to the lake to try and catch some fish, when i got down to the wooden bridge I noticed that my 2 brothers in law sat in a little boat close to the bridge doing the same as i did, trying to get fish.

I threw and i heard a "plop" as the spoon hit the water, and i just waited, nothing really happend after quite some time so i began reeling in to check the bait on the hooks.

As i reeled in I felt something play around with the hook and then "Swam!" I had a bite, it felt like a big ass fish considering i couldn't even stand, it pulled me into the water while i still reeled in and the second i had reeled it in, i was standing on the bridge again, wet from top to toe, my brothers in law congratulating me, and i went up to the cabin to show the fish.

I Swear, the fish literally got smaller with each step i took and by the time i got up to the cabin it was Just about the correct size to keep, I showed the fish to the others and they began laughing at the fish and the fact that i couldn't even handle such a small fish.

And then i woke up.....

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