The result of two geniuses

A naruto high school fanfiction
Shikamaru x Sakura
Plot Shikamaru is the smartest guy in school but sakura is a new student who is also very smart. Will she push his button or will he push her buttons……….


1. Meeting



Masashi Kishimoto owns naruto.....

story line is mine



Normal pov

Shikamaru was sitting at his desk his head on his arms today was like every other day to him but something seemed off today, his best friend Choji sat to his left eating a packet of BQQ chips and to the right of him was an empty seat. He sighed “Shikamaru what’s wrong” Choji asked munching on chips, Shikamaru looked at him “something is off today but I’m not sure what it’s troublesome” he said. Ino came running into the room and said loudly “HEY WE’RE GETTING A NEW STUDENT”.

Sakura’s pov

I was walking towards the classroom that was my homeroom I covered my hair with my hoodie and my clothes looked tomboyish. I sighed as I went to open the door, when I walked in everyone stared at me.

Normal pov

It was silent as everyone looked at the new student some whispered “defiantly a guy look at those clothes” sakura sighed and walked to the empty desk next to Shikamaru hiding her face and hair as she sat down. Shikamaru looked at her there was something about her.

Shikamaru’s pov

I watched as the new student sat down next to me hiding their face and hair ‘there is something about this student god this is troublesome’ he thought. As Ino and a few other girls walked over to the new student I sighed ‘he we go’ I thought.



Sakura’s pov

‘Oh god no’ she thought as some girls stood in front of her. “Hey I’m Ino” says a girl with long blond hair “and what’s your name cutie” she asks me, I sigh and pull my hoodie off showing my pink hair and looked at her “I’m Sakura Haruno” I said everyone looked at me in shock except the teacher.

After a while people began to whisper I rolled my eyes “um so you gonna move or what” I said she looked at me “hm freak” she said and walked off, ‘great more mean girls’ I thought

Normal pov

The bell went and everyone went to their seats and waited for the teacher to arrive….


The door opened and their teacher walked in “sorry I’m late but I was hel-“ he was cut off by most of the class yelling “LIES KAKASHI” he sweat dropped and walked over to the desk “alright pull out you’re your book summer paradise and begin to read” he said sitting down with his face in a Ichu Ichu book. Everyone groaned and began to read the book, sakura looked over at Shikamaru quickly and went back to the book.

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