Bethany is in a crisis. She and her family are moving towns and Bethany can't stand the thought of leaving her friends behind at her old school. As she moves towns she stops at a local store to pick up the papers and she sees a mysterious looking book at the back of the store. Little does she know what this book holds, secrets..evil secrets. Secrets that hold the key to the myth of good luck. She then meets a strange girl called Rose, what secrets does she hold? And is this all just an illusion?


2. Chapter 2- "You're late"

I had the most strangest dream. I dreamed that I was in my new school and the school looked really dark and scary. I walked up a flight of stairs and there were large snakes staring and scrutinizing me menacingly. I stood outside the door of my classroom and felt too afraid to go in the room but I couldn't hold the force any longer to stand outside my classroom and then something was pulling me to open the door. Every person- or should I say every SNAKE looked at me and started laughing at me. A giant cobra slithered towards me until it curled around my neck and hissed in my ears "You're late." Suddenly everything seemed a little more vague and hazy as every snake started echoing laughter.

I woke up with my heart racing and my head pounding. I looked at my clock and freaked. It was 8:00am and school doesn't start until half an hour, I was late! I looked on my desk and saw a note from my Mum. "Sorry I can't drop you off to school today, I have a big meeting this morning and I need to get to work urgently. You can walk yourself to the bus stop and catch the bus there P.S There's left over cornflakes in the kitchen. Bye, love you xx." 

I put my slipper on and ran down the stairs to eat my breakfast- quickly! I looked around and found the left overs of cornflakes Mum was talking about and got some milk to make my breakfast. I sat down and then I heard a strange noise until I realized what it was. I'd almost forgot, since I'm not usually late for school I always go to school before Dad goes of to work and Mum's always going off to work very early although she's never been this early before. Frantic, I accidentally spilled the milk from my cereal bowl all over me and onto the seat as I raced to get my bag. I walked outside the front door to see my Dad reversing out of the drive way. I ran down down the the steep driveway shouting "Stop Dad! Stop!!" I panicked as he didn't hear me and started running along the car with my hands waving everywhere and continuing to yell "Stop the car, it's me Bethany."

The more he didn't hear me the more frustrated I was. I knew that I was a good runner and that I was really fast but when you're not wearing proper clothes and shoes it makes it really difficult to run and in that moment I gasped as I realized what I was dressed in. I was dressed in my embarrassing monkey pajama top and pants and my old and tattered slippers. My dad continued to drive until he changed streets and he was gone. I was then left standing there like a loser with my loser monkey pajamas on. I thought I was going to cry and I felt devastated. Looking back I saw that I'd ran so far that I'd gone past the bus stop. I took the walk of shame back to my house passing the bus stop until I saw the bus leaving. I looked up and I could see all the kids looking at me and covering their mouths and laughing me.

As I get back home I feel like a mess. I ran to my room, shut the door and collapsed in a heap. I picked up my phone and saw 1 missed calls and 2 texts from Eleanor and 1 missed call from Izzy. I read the text messages from Eleanor.

EleanorBailey (1): Hey Bethany. I really miss you and I'm really worried. What do you mean when you said you had to go. Are you really moving schools? :-(

EleanorBailey (2): I just heard rumors that you missed the bus and were wearing gorilla pajamas and slippers. What's going on? :-/

I then replied back

BethanyVines: I missed the bus today and no one can drive me to school because Mum and Dad have left for work.

BethanyVines: FYI they weren't gorilla pajamas. They were monkey ones. >:(

I put my phone on my desk and got dressed into a purple t-shirt and skinny jeans. I checked my phone again and saw that Eleanor had replied. 

EleanorBailey: So, after school you want to go come over to my house.

BethanyVines: Definitely, I need to talk to you so badly.  

EleanorBailey: Me too, and hey, I have an idea.

BethanyVines: What?

EleanorBailey: You say that you might be moving towns. Well how about we come up with a plan.

BethanyVines: What plan?

EleanorBailey: To stop you from moving towns.

BethanyVines: Yes, definitely, we'll discuss this later. 

EleanorBailey: Okay, yeah. See you after school

BethanyVines: Yeah, Bye 




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