Bethany is in a crisis. She and her family are moving towns and Bethany can't stand the thought of leaving her friends behind at her old school. As she moves towns she stops at a local store to pick up the papers and she sees a mysterious looking book at the back of the store. Little does she know what this book holds, secrets..evil secrets. Secrets that hold the key to the myth of good luck. She then meets a strange girl called Rose, what secrets does she hold? And is this all just an illusion?


1. Chapter 1- "We're Moving"

I always had a feeling from the start that something wasn't quite right. It was a Monday afternoon and a normal school day when I'd usually catch the bus. I sat at the bus stop with my best friend Eleanor as we waited for the bus to come. We both chatted for a while about the art competition that's being held at school. Eleanor hasn't stopped talking about this competition since last week and her portrait that she's putting in as an entry for. Eleanor is a talented artist, she gets good grades in school and sings like an angel. She was completely the opposite of me, Bethany Vines. An unorganized girl who only just manages to get good grades. Although I was very good at running and sports. That was the way it was, Eleanor is the artistic one and I'm the athletic one. We may be completely different but when we're together we have a blast. I often wonder to myself, why aren't we comedians? Just in the middle as Eleanor is stressing over when she's going to get her portrait done I feel a buzz in my pocket and take out my phone. I answered the call and a frantic and puffed voice came from the phone. It was Mum, weird. What was she doing calling me now when usually she's too busy at work to answer my calls. "Bethany, is that you? Have you caught the bus yet? Never mind you going by bus. I'll come pick you up, I-um have some news."

"Why can't I come on the bus?" I asked, although as I asked this question I wasn't exactly disappointed that I couldn't ride the the bus with Eleanor. As I mentioned before my Mum works all the time. Everyone is always calling her a workaholic. And due to such characteristic she's always going off at me for being so lazy and how I need to try harder at school. It's very annoying.

"Because I have something important to tell you. Now when you get home will you promise not to get upset with me." I heard my Mum say

I stared at my phone with a puzzled and shocked expression "What do you mean?"

"Just don't worry about it now. I'll come and get you. Also I've got pizza being delivered" 

"Okay but what abou-"

I waited to get a reply from my Mum but instead my phone hung up. I slouched back on the seat and rolled my eyes. Eleanor turned to me "Who was that?"

"My mum, it turns out that I'm not going on the bus and instead my mum's picking me up."

"Wow, that's strange. I thought your Mum is always too busy to call you"

"She is usually busy but it turns out that she's picking me up today. She said that she has some news."

"Ooh what kind of news?"

"I'm not sure"


Just then the bus came to a stop and Eleanor stood up. "So are you sure you're not catching the bus." said Eleanor

"Yes, my Mum's telling me that she'll pick me up."

"Oh okay" smiled Eleanor as she waved. I then saw her disappear as she got on the bus and all I could see was the bus driving down the street. I rested my head on my bag and waited. 

Shortly after I saw my Mum pull up in the drive way. I opened the door and sat in the car seat. "Hi Bethany, how was your day?"

"Fine" I replied as I clicked in my seat belt. "Why all of a sudden are you picking me up?" 

"Because I had some things to take care of at home."


"Just don't worry about it like I said before. Dad's home now anyway and you'll find out why."

I got home and walked up the stairs and opened the door to our house. I immediately was drawn to the smell of pizza and picked up a slice of Hawaiian pizza and began to eat it. Just then my Dad had appeared from the lounge room. "What are you doing with that slice of pizza. You're not supposed to eat now." Dad said

I poked my tongue at him and took a bite at my pizza. The door slammed behind me and Mum appeared and started walking to the kitchen. We all sat down quietly and began to eat our pizza. Strangely we seemed to be pretty quiet until Mum spoke up. "So, John. Where do you think-" Mum paused and Mum and Dad looked over at me. "Oh right, she doesn't know yet. I've completely forgotten."

"What? Is this about how you finished work early?" I asked

"No Bethany. I actually didn't go to work at all today. Neither did Dad"

"Oh bu-"

"Now how can we put this. We're week."

I coughed and almost choked on my pizza. "We're what?"

"Yes you heard me, we're moving next week. It's all planned out baby, sorry."

"Wait what?" I was completely confused "We're moving where?" 

"To Sydney.."

"What?" I said one more time. I couldn't believe it. We're actually moving to another whole state!

"How can we be moving to Sydney. That's in a another state, Mum. I haven't even been out of Melbourne."

"Now, now Bethany-"

"What about my friends.? What about Izzy and Eleanor? Will I have to move schools? Oh gosh, I'll be the new girl. What if I don't have any friends? What if I hate living in Sydney?" I had so many questions to ask and I was not happy about this at all. I felt like I've finally gotten to the top and have made some friends and now I'm sinking back down to the bottom of being a loser and having no friends. I just couldn't believe this. 

"Oh Bethany, you promised you wouldn't get upset.." Said Mum

"Your mother's finally found a job in Sydney so we have no choice." My Dad spoke.

"But what about in Melbourne?" I asked.

"You know how things have been lately, Bethany. And you know how hard it's been to find a job. The least you can do now Bethany is just to accept that you'll be leaving your friends behind, and starting a new school it's okay. We've bought a lovely new house and you'll have enough room to stick all of your posters of celebrities that you're always so obsessed out.

"What about athletics, Dad?." I could feel my eyes welling up with tears. I wasn't usually the sort of person to cry but I feel as if I might now. "You know how important athletics are to me."

"I know this may seem hard to accept but you may have to put off your athletics for a while in Sydney. Your athletics team is very expensive and remember how hard it was to get in the team. I'm not sure if they'll have any room in the teams in Sydney."

"Great, just great. So now you're ruining all my hopes and dreams. Thanks Dad, just thanks."

"I'm not ruining your hopes and dreams. You can choose to run early in the morning if you'd like. You could start by waking up at 5am and having a quick jog to still keep you fit."

I covered my ears and stormed off out of the room. I didn't want to hear anything about this anymore. I sat on my bed with tears streaming down my face. I still couldn't believe we were moving to a different town. I couldn't help feeling as if I might loose all my friends and hopes and dreams. I'd only just moved schools 1 years ago and I didn't want to move again. I'd have to make new friends and earn my new reputation as the new girl, AGAIN. At my old school I had a lot of trouble making friends back then. I was always a quirky girl. Because let's face it. I may have a passion and interest for caring for the environment and running and sports but I'm often known to act in a socially awkward manner. Ever since I went to the current school I'm in I've finally felt like I've fit in and I've felt like I've finally found some friends like best friends of course, Eleanor and Izzy. Like I said before Eleanor is really artistic and instead of me being very socially awkward, she is very witty and funny and can be quite sarcastic when she needs to be. I became friends with her when we paired up together to do a project for school that involved creative and artistic skills. The project involved doing a comic strip to explain how we should care for the environment. We worked well on the project together because of course I know a lot about this sort of stuff and Eleanor did the drawings. We ended up having a blast doing this and Eleanor introduced me to her friend Izzy who is also very artistic. Although instead of drawing comics and painting pictures she's more of a writer and poet. She's always getting top marks in English and always writing deep and meaningful poems and short love stories. She's also very obsessed with movies and novels and what movies and novels are coming out but she mostly prefers romance movies, unlike me. I'm not into that kind of stuff. 

I grabbed out my phone again from my pocket and called Eleanor. I wiped my tears from my eyes with my hands and took a deep breath. I then heard Eleanor's voice from the phone "Hello, who is it?"

"It's me, Bethany"

"Oh hi Bethany. How are you going?"

"Terrible, I have bad news. I'm moving towns.."

"You're moving towns! When?"

"Next week. I just found out today. We're moving to Sydney and as well as moving towns I'm also moving schools."

There was a long pause from my phone until Eleanor spoke up rather quietly "we're still going to keep in touch right?"

I swallowed a gulp of air as I tried to restrain myself from bursting into tears. "Oh yeah, definitely. And anyway, I have to go right now.. So I'll see you at school tomorrow"

"Um..yeah sure" I could tell Eleanor was really uncomfortable and she didn't sound like her normal self as she replied but I'd already hung up. I laid on my bed and groaned. I didn't know what to do next but I turned off the lights and laid back on my bed and slowly I drifted away to sleep....



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