It's All About Wednesday

❝ It all started and ended with Wednesday. ❞


2. Girl in bed

I woke up looking at a pair of big blue eyes. There’s a girl in my bed. I squeezed my eyes shut. I opened them once again. There’s a girl in my bed. I shut my eyes once again and when I opened them… There’s a girl in my bed. Immediately, I leaped out of my bed and the girl giggled at me. Damn. I wasn’t dreaming. There’s a girl in my bed and I’ve mentioned that phrase four times already. “H-how did you get here?” I asked frantically at her and she grins up at me. I went to check myself at the mirror to see if my sanity is still in place. I also checked my body for any signs of nausea. I want to make sure I’m not having a drifter on my bed. But I felt normal, just a little bit of insane though. She nods at the window behind me. “The window was open so I invited myself in.” I incredulously gaped at her. She’s in her night clothes and she’s lying on my bed like she owns it. She has platinum blonde hair and plush white skin. She’s a drifter. My mind tells me but her cheeks were rosy like they’ve been sun kissed. I’ve double checked my feelings, but I don’t feel sick around her. She sits up in bed as she watches me. That perfect angelic smile was still plastered on her face; it terrified me to see such a beautiful light in my room that I took a step back. She giggles. “You know, you look cute when you’re asleep. But I guess you’re even cuter when you’re awake.” I felt awkward to answer such a kind complement. “Thanks,” I frowned. “I guess… where are you from?” She steps out of bed and right in front of me. Now, eye to eye, I could see how blue her eyes were and how rosy her cheeks were. She perks up with another bright smile. “I’m Wednesday Fray.” She says and then she points at the open window right across my room. “And I live over there.” I guess the opened window was an indication that that was her room. When I looked back at her she was inches from me and I felt my heart dropped down to my stomach. Startled by both of her closeness and the blue of her eyes, I took another step back. I stumbled at something and I almost fell off the window. But her hands gripped my shirt and she brings me back to my room. Too terrified of what just happened, I didn’t realize I got a hold of her hand. I looked down at it and then up at her. She was still smiling at me. “You’re not terrified of a girl aren’t you?” she says. I remembered how to breathe. “No.” my hand remained in hers and then manners flew in the air. I righted myself as I hold on to her hand. “I’m Xavier Cross.” She shifted our hands for a handshake. The moment she did that I felt an enormity building in. Her hands were soft but they weren’t warm at the same time, not even cold—just at the middle. Her hand felt right on mine like a soft gentle kiss. When I didn’t let go of her hand, she intertwines it with hers and she swings it in the air, giggling. An unexpected smile crept on my face and I wonder how fond I am with the girl I woke up in bed with me. Her giggles filled the air like warm breeze and sunshine. Our happy sensation ended with a knock on my door. It was my mother, she’s asking me to wake up and get ready for school. Wednesday lets go of my hand and the moment she did I felt the space go empty which I should not be feeling towards a stranger. I can’t explain why I didn’t want to let her go. She still kept that smile on her face as she climbs down the emergency stairs of the building. “I’m glad we’ve met, Xavier Cross.” She shouts up at me. Right after that, she waves goodbye and crossed the street to her apartment. *** “I met a girl today.” I tell Papou as I visited him right after school. Like the usual, he would sit there in his bed and we would talk for hours until the stars come out for the night. Papou plastered his toothless smile at me. “What was she like?” “Pretty.” I said. “She’s in my bed when I woke up.” Papou chuckles; one that made his bed shake and his eyes thin into slits. “Would you see her again?” I shrugged. “I don’t know.” He nods as his eyelids flatter tiredly. I watch his heart monitor as it slowed down, indicating that he’s again falling into sleep. Lately, Papou has spent his time sleeping. Actually, he’s more asleep now than awake. His nurse would tell me that sometimes he’d just wake up to see me and right after I leave, he goes back to sleep. A tube now is connected to his nostrils to help him breathe better and a tall oxygen tank—probably the same height as my shoulders stood beside his IV. Old age seem to conquer sweet Papou now, still he refuses to feel weak in front of me. As I watch his chest move up and down, I felt a pang of sadness inside my heart. I wonder how many more breaths will I have to count before Papou breathes no more. Whenever I see him talking to me, I can tell it takes too much effort for him to talk back and at the same time breathe. Once more, Papou opens his eyes to look at me. I lean in to him so that I can hear him. “Have you thanked the girl yet?” I was to say who but then I realized he wasn’t referring to Wednesday. He was talking about the girl who gave him the flowers yesterday. I smiled back instead and I shook my head. “Not yet, Papou.” He smiles once more before he drifts back to sleep.
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