It's All About Wednesday

❝ It all started and ended with Wednesday. ❞


7. All Ends with Wednesday

Mostly, we fall in love with people we can’t have. We say that everything happens for a reason just to cover up the whole story that we keep on waiting for the reason that isn’t to come. And yet through it all, no matter how hard life would give us we continue to live. We still continue to get by. There is only one day left before the golden shower blooms to its brilliance. I went to visit Wednesday at the hospital instead of meeting her at our spot. I have a feeling that I wouldn’t see her there. When I arrived at her room, I met her parents and I asked them if I could borrow their daughter for a day. Both of them were hesitant, explaining to me that their daughter is very sick and she needed to rest. But I explained to them how I’ve met Wednesday—the drifter Wednesday—no matter how weird I might appear to them and to my surprise, they let me finish without interrupting me. After that they told me that Wednesday was seeing drifters too. That was quite a revelation and it took them hard to believe her too. But after what happened to her now, they just wanted her to be happy. When Wednesday finally woke up, we set her on a wheelchair and I brought her under the shade of our tree. Now standing underneath it, we can see it glow into its glory. It was magnificent. It was like the stars had decided to rain down on it and it radiated with the sunlight. Wednesday felt its warmth too. She closes her eyes like the way she did when she twirled under the rain. I wanted to cry at the flash of the memory. That girl was long gone now and she’s sitting here with me on her wheelchair waiting for her last remaining days to end. “If the whole world was blind how many people would you impress?” she asks me when she opens her eyes. I knelt before her so that I could see her blue eyes. Its color was lighter this time, like an old blue tapestry hanging by a window. Its tiredness grew on the darkness that shade beneath them. But still they were beautiful to me. I don’t think anyone has ever told her that. “Maybe one or two.” I said. “I’m guessing you can impress everyone.” She smiles weakly. “I think you can impress anyone too.” I smiled back at her, but it was getting hard for me to stare back. Because every time I do, I remember her smiling at me. I remember the way her hair falls down to her face when the wind blows and the sound of her laughter that flows with the wind as it prickles her skin. The memories had made me sad and they made me want to cry. So I look away and I was left looking at the trunk of our tree. I look up and realize the story that is there from the beginning. “There’s this girl who brought a boy under this tree one day. She told the boy that she would let him gate crash her life and she would let him ruin it for her. But if the tree blooms after ten days, she will have to step out of his life and be gone forever.” “Did she really ruin his life?” she asked. “No,” I said as I took her hands in mine. I felt its lightness; I felt our connection surging towards each other. “Actually, if there is such a thing that she did, she made him more alive than ever.” Tears started to fall down her eyes and I wipe each one away. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to love you. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you this way. I’m sorry because I cannot control what is to happen.” I planted a kiss on the palm of her hand and left her warmth on my cheek. “And I’m sorry because I only wanted more time to love you. It’s selfish to ask, I know.” She looks sadly at me. I know she would have said the same thing too. “I’d like to let you know that I wouldn’t change a thing as to how I’ve met you. You can ruin my life anytime. I will even let you haunt me at night, I wouldn’t mind.” I said and that made her laugh. “Thank you.” “For what?” “For everything.” she says, almost a whisper to the wind. “You are the best last day of my life. I’m glad that we’ve met, Xavier Cross.” I smiled back at her despite the raging tears. “I’m glad we’ve met too. I’ll see you soon.” I kissed her on the lips for the last time. “Will you wait there for me?” She smiles back. *** After three days, Wednesday drifted away carrying our memories and my heart with her. Sometimes, life gives us the persons who will teach us how to live it so that we could get by. If they are taken away from us at a short notice, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world but a beginning of another chapter. Life has its own ways of testing a person. That is why we have to keep on opening doors and keep on doing new things. We are given this life because we’re strong enough to live it. Pain is inevitable. All of us are capable of feeling. Why? Simply because we are living. The goal has never been to live forever but to keep on living and keep the memories immortal. Wednesday had thought me a lot of things in life. One of them is to look at it in the best possible way that I can and live it like it’s my last day. Because when you have the heart to love, then you have a way to live. Although I will never know how she and Papou could touch me, she’ll remain as one of the best people I have ever met in this world. Wherever she may be I’m sure she will continue to inspire people like she had inspired me. I go to our spot every Wednesday, because that is one day that I would always remember her. ‘til we meet again I wrote at the piece of paper and I folded it into a paper boat. Then I let it sail to the lake, wishing that wherever the water would take it, it would lead down to her. “How ‘bout you?” I asked Papou. “What are your plans? Will you still be drifting around?” “Of course.” He says with a grin. “I’ll still guard you until you’re eighteen.” I snickered. “Three years is a very long time.” He winks at me. “Yeah. But I still got time.” I watch my paper boat move forward as the wind takes it farther away. “You think I’ll see her again?” “In time.” Papou answers. But I never saw Wednesday again. Probably, because she has seen the light along the way. Although I cannot hide the sadness of losing her, still I am happy for her and I cannot wait to see her soon. Time has its way of changing things but love has its way of keeping the feelings. I will always think of Wednesday. It’s not the name of a day but a girl who made me value each passing day. I will never forget about Wednesday. How her cheeks flush every time she smiles, how the wind blows her platinum blonde hair or even the blue of her eyes that speaks of the ocean. And I will continue to love Wednesday. Today, tomorrow, next week and for the rest of my life. It’s a crazy thing to believe and say that everything in my life started with Wednesday and at the same time, everything did end with Wednesday. Because after all, it’s all about Wednesday. Property of BelleBurns©
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