The long lost love

It's about a couple who didn't know each other would fall in love with each other after meeting once in there life after few years of not being talking to each other. Seeing each other. But they fall madly in love with each other.


3. The jounrey

I had to know his name so before he left the table. I had to ask him what his name was so I did. He said my name was Jackson what is yours. My name you want to know my name. what do you want to know my name for. What is so important about my name I asked him. If we are to become friends I need to know your name right. Well yes you do, so my name is Bella. Bella is a very beautiful name nothing like I have ever heard before. Well thank you for the talk I will stop bothering you so you get on with your day Jackson. Well it was nice to have met you. Like wise Jackson. Watching him as he walks away. Wondering if I said something stuff to him. Where he wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore after that talk of nothing said between each other at the lunch table, but a few short words. As I think maybe im not someone he wants to be friends with and so many different thoughts run through my head faster amd faster none stop. The seeing him next day in the school and calling his name and seeing what he will do. He calls back to me and has a short chat before he has to go to his first class as we both walk down the hallway. Some days we wouldn’t talk or anything just pass each other in the hallways. Other days we would say a few words to each other like a word of hello.


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