The long lost love

It's about a couple who didn't know each other would fall in love with each other after meeting once in there life after few years of not being talking to each other. Seeing each other. But they fall madly in love with each other.


5. the first date

well he was happy how i told him how i felt about him. he couldn't believe that i would ever feel the way i do about him. so we talked on facebook since we couldn't go on a date or do anything. well then one day we was talking about going out to a place because my baby sister was going to a friends house to spend the night with her friend. so i played around with my mom asking could i go hang out with him and all. mom was like sure why not. thinking that i wouldn't go out with him. that i was just playing around . a few minutes later she saw him pull up in the yard. i told mom that i was ready to go. she couldn't believe that i was leaving with this boy. so after i left the house she began to cry because that she knew her baby girl was growing up to be a women. he took me to the park. we talked and walked around for a few hours. then we laid down in the grass and looked up at the stars and moon and talked and laughed at stuff. we talked like something i never felt like talking with someone else. i thought how it felt like a movie and it keep playing over and over. it was in real life happening. he took me to a restaurant  to eat. i didn't eat i was to nervous and not that hungry. i really didn't want to mess up on my first date with him. did want him to think bad of me and not want to hang around me again. after he finished eating want he was eating. he took me on dirt roads and we road around until me got stuck almost. so he drove me to his house to get a new car and then take me home so i stayed in the car as he want to get the keys.  he took me home where we talked a little more till he had to leave to go home. i feel asleep and dreamed about the date we had. then woke and had a great day

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