The long lost love

It's about a couple who didn't know each other would fall in love with each other after meeting once in there life after few years of not being talking to each other. Seeing each other. But they fall madly in love with each other.


1. it begins

I'm a 16 year old blonde blue eye beautiful girl. Here is my story. Well I go to this school that no matter how hard you try telling someone the name they always think your lieing about the school name. Wild frogs is the name of my school. Its a three floor school. Well one day this boy came into my class room. He was tall and handsome. He didn't speak much. Keep to himself.    He always work on technology even helped the teacher with there's.. Smartest boy I have ever seen.. Thinking to myself.. This boy never ever will talk to me.. I'm not good to be talk too.  He looked so alonely sitting there. Me wanting to talk to him and say hello, but to scared to say something wrong..

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