The long lost love

It's about a couple who didn't know each other would fall in love with each other after meeting once in there life after few years of not being talking to each other. Seeing each other. But they fall madly in love with each other.


4. Feelings

Well after a few days of not talking much. He asked me a question. I thought it was weird for a  minute that he would ask me to go on a date with him. After us just saying a few words in the hallway. I told him that I didn’t know and all, because I was so scared. I finely get the nervous up to text him on facebook. Well I really did know what he would say or do I mean after the asking me that question. Well we talked about things. He told me he had feelings for me as the months want by he told me everything about his love for me. Then one day he just stopped out of no where he didn’t say two words. Then a week later he comes back and tells me that he had to go away for a little bit. Now he back and doesn’t have t o go anywhere. As we are just best friends and how I had those love feelings for him and how I dreamed about him so much and all. He asked me a question about getting back with ex. I said yes but I need to tell you something first before I answer your question. He said what is it. I said those days you wasn’t at school or talking to me I was upset and I cried myself to sleep every night. Wondering what did I say wrong and all. Hoping you would still talk to me and not be upset with me. He said so you have those feelings. I said yes I have those feelings big time. He said YES.

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