Green Light

Scarlett has been going to the Green Light club since it opened. She was the one who made it popular for her skills. No it is not for her sexual skills, it is for how well she can dance and after one, she can pick the perfect other in the bar who would give that one the time of there lives. After 2 years of following the same basic routine, flirt, dance, drink, come home and sleep, like actually sleep, she is met with something, or better yet someone who flushes that down the drain.

Sexual content!


1. Routine

“Perfect” I whispered to myself as I got my eye shadow on each eye to match. I picked my black clutch with blood red threading on it as I opened my apartment door. Once I closed it I turned back around, I fumbled with the key and stuck the key in the slot to lock it.

Mary the old lady 3 doors down on the opposite side of the narrow hallway gave me a judging look as I strutted down the hall in my new club dress. It was red and had black lace on it to accentuate my already large bust and by toned butt bigger. This is the same look she has been giving me 4 times a week for the past 2 years as I leave my apartment to go to the Green Light club. I have been nothing but nice to her, I even offered to get her mail for her on several occasions. Sometimes I wish when I was drunk I would flip her off so I could have excuse for my ‘bad’ behavior, but sadly I still have common sense when I am drunk.

I just smiled politely at her as I passed, just like I had for the past 2 years. People like her make me want to punch something with their judgy ways. She thinks I am a slut by the way I go to the club so often, but in all honesty I have never had sex. I may be a partier but I am not a dumbass. I want to save myself for the person I want to live with forever, not some one night stand that only likes me for my looks. I am stupid for putting myself in a position like that every night, but at least I am smart enough to learn how to defend myself so that I can keep that promise, and so far I have.

I push the down button to the elevator. As I wait I fix my dress, so it doesn’t rid up in places it shouldn’t. I hear the familiar ding of the lift opening, causing me to robotically walk in and push the 1 for the lobby floor. I live in a decent apartment building. I wouldn’t say it’s a five star hotel with a view, but it isn’t some place that gets robbed all the time or rats scurry as you walk. It’s a normal apartment for a person making a little over a thousand every month.

The elevator bounces up and down as I reach the bottom, and the door loudly creaked open louder than usual. I walked out and started dodging all the chairs and tables in hopes to make it to the front door. I could already feel the temperature drop just by looking at the cold outdoors making me shiver involuntarily.

As usual there is the landlord’s son Darian who sits there staring at me from the corner of his eye hoping I don’t see, but I always do. He tends to work front desk at night and gets a decent amount of money for it to. No one actually goes to the front desk unless they get locked out of their apartment or need to turn in rent, and most of the time we just go to their apartment door. It’s closer for us.

I tap my hand on the metal to check just how cold it is, and as expected, it was ice cold. I stood there for a second prepping myself for the cold and decided I should just rip it off like a band aid. After one shaky breath I ripped the door open and was met with the piercing cold, seemingly like needles pricking my skin. I guess it is a good thing that I am not afraid of needles. I pushed myself harder through the wind, clicking my heels louder to the cement in return. Pulling my arms in tighter into my chest, I quickly checked to see if any cars were coming and I ran across the street towards the oh so familiar 5 hotel. There was always better service for taxi’s here and one of my favorite people come here every night to take me to Green Light.

Only a few seconds later, I saw my taxi pull up. I quickly pull the door open and slid across the seat. I buckle up quickly and look up Jack.

“Did you get a haircut?” I asked just dawning on the fact that his hair was now in a quiff and was indeed shorter than before.

“Do you like it?” I heard him say nervously looking back at me. “I wanted to surprise Jason, but I wanted you approval first. What do you think?”

“No, No, I absolutely love it, and I heard it is the perfect hairstyle because it is easy to get back to normal after sex. So if you were to do a quickie with Jason, you wouldn’t have to worry about it.” I said laughing near the end.

“I was hoping you would like it, and I really like the idea of a quickie with his sexy ass.” He said with a big grin.

We both let out belting laughs, and when our laughter died down Jack asked, “So how is that hag doing today?”

“Jack! We have to respect our elders.” I said trying to keep a straight face, but couldn’t help a smile take over my face.

“It’s not disrespectful if I am not saying it in front of her, and she even knows she is. Why else would she keep her panties in a bunch?” We let out more laughs. This is how our talks are, all laughs. It’s nice compared to my job that’s full of frowns and stressful hands through hair.

“Looks like we are here!” Jack said smiling at me brightly. “I will pick you up a 12 o’clock sharp,” I pulled the money out of my purse, and all of a sudden I heard Jack shout, “Wait!”

I couldn’t help but laugh at his behavior. Jack went down to retrieve something from his floor board, and came back up with my black leather jacket and a big grin on his face. “Thank you so much! I knew I left that baby somewhere, I just wasn’t sure.” I said as I sat up a little and hugged him with one arm. “Now I won’t freeze.”

“You’re welcome, now get in there.” He said once we exchange money. I hopped out of the car and waved back to a waving Jack. I walked down the street till I saw the familiar stop light always on green. I walked past the people only hearing a few grunts and snarky comments about me passing them in the line. I laughed lightly thinking they would probably end up dancing with me at the end of the night hoping for me to find then the perfect one night stand.

“Peaches! I almost thought you wouldn’t show up!” I heard Onyx yell making walk faster towards him as he engulfed me in a warm hug.

Once he put me down I craned my neck to look up at his face. “You know me Terminator, never on time for anything. Where the hell is your jacket dumbass?” I yelled softly. We call him Terminator because one time when he was drunk he was speaking in the Terminator voice, and all of a sudden he says ‘I am the Terminator’. So I guess it just stuck.

“I was trying to give these women the chance to see a real man who doesn’t shy away from the cold and hides under a jacket. They deserve to get the chance to see some real muscles.” He said with a huge grin along with me.

“A frost bite man isn’t sexy.” I said with a laugh.

“Is this a new dress I see?” He asked a charming smile after taking a once over of my body.

“For you babe.” I said jokingly and walked in the club only to hear wolf whistle and an ‘I likey’ from who I expected to be Onyx.

Once I entered the familiar vibration of the bass coursed through me. I immediately went towards the bar and sat down at my normal spot on the bar. I plopped myself on the bar stool and draped my jacket carefully over the backing.

Once I turned back around I saw Reed come my way and draped a towel over his shoulder as he through his hands up in the air. “You came! What can I get you this lovely night?” He said as he dropped his elbows on the counter staring at me intently.

I acted as though I was thinking and then after a few seconds of fake considering I looked back at him. “How about you surprise me?” I said making his eyes grow wide.

“Really, you mean it! I have been waiting for this day the past 2 years! You’ll love it, I promise.” He said excitedly as he turned away and went to make my drink.

After a few minutes, Reed turned back to me with what looked like a strawberry mango margarita. I was about to reach out to take it when I felt a presence behind me. I sighed deeply and leaned back so my butt was on the seat but my elbows were still placed on the counter. “Go wait in line with rest of them; I will dance with you later.” I said boredly.

Soon enough the person left and I looked up at Reed’s face and saw he was shaking his head. He placed my drink in front of me, and as I went to bring the drink to my lips, he said, “It never fails to amaze me how many guys just come hoping for a dance with you. You really do have your work cut out for yourself.”

I brought the drink to my lips and took a sip from the drink, “You have no idea.” I mumbled into the drink.

Hey guys I put the story back up, sorry it took so long. Please vote and comment! I am always up for constructive Critism. Thanks for reading!

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