Green Light

Scarlett has been going to the Green Light club since it opened. She was the one who made it popular for her skills. No it is not for her sexual skills, it is for how well she can dance and after one, she can pick the perfect other in the bar who would give that one the time of there lives. After 2 years of following the same basic routine, flirt, dance, drink, come home and sleep, like actually sleep, she is met with something, or better yet someone who flushes that down the drain.

Sexual content!


2. It's Not Just Work Anymore

My hips sway to the beat as the thirteenth or fourteenth person comes. Every person, as usual, left with their partner for a wild night. Sometimes I think about what it would be like, but then I push that thought away knowing I would regret it after it was all done.

I feel a presence behind me as the person grabs my hips possessively making a light spark ignite within me. I gasp quietly but only dismiss it as him shocking me with static or something like that. He pulls my hips harshly towards his making me feel his already hardened member.

I close my eyes and try to push the feel of heat between my legs away and start focusing on how his body naturally twists rhythmically with mine to the beat of the song.

I have already memorized every woman dancing in this club, so I start filing through each of them, trying to find his match. I start narrowing down the woman. He needs someone who would be submissive and would just let him do what he wants. I can easily tell this by his dominate movements. This removes at least half of the woman in the club.

I feel his hand graze my neck and slowly sweep my waist length hair to the side, as he leaves passionate kisses softly down my neck. I hold in my desperate moans in my mouth and take my thoughts away from the feeling of his movements and focus on what he would like in return for his intimate actions.

He growls softly while sucking harder, hoping for a reaction. I realize this and narrow down all the women who seem like they would be non-reactive lovers. I am only left with 5 women at this point.

I start pushing my behind harder into his front, to see if he likes it. When I hear his soft moan, I feel a small moan escape my own lips and more heat to pool between my legs. I clear my throat, trying to regain my detached facade so I can do my job properly. I notice that only one woman in this club would be both submissive and dominate lovers.

I smile triumphantly noting that I have found his one. I search for the location in my mind, but then gasp loudly and fall forward onto the floor and look back at a 6 and a half foot tall man with brown tousled hair with muscles bulging from his shirt plain black tee. I don’t spend anymore analyzing his amazing body because it cannot be. Never in a million years.

He looks at me with a concerned look and puts his hand out to me to hold, but I only shake my head frantically with a scared expression clear on my face. I scatter across the floor, trying to collect myself so I can get out of here.

My throat tightens as I push past the people, leaving a fuming man, who growls loudly. I push harder on the people so I can fleet faster. The path I try to escape from consumes me.

It gets hotter in the too as I am squished by happy couples oblivious to my distress and desperate situation. I frantically turn my head, looking for Terminator. When I don't find him, I shove on a person and fall to the floor, when I notice there aren't any other people to push through. I scrambled back up to my feet, but my heels make this harder so it takes longer than normal making me feel like he is right behind me.

I feel sweat drip down my face as I rush to the exit. I hear yells coming from Reed and the mystery man telling me to stop. I ignore there continuous calls out of pure panic. I can barely think straight without the amazing body of the man’s body to flood my thoughts.

I feel Terminators cold hands grasp my wrist, as he says "Scarlett, what wrong?" He questions with concern clear in his voice.

I shake my head rapidly and retrieve my hands from his grasp to wipe away my tears and sweat from my face. "Don't let him touch me." I frantically order. I yank my hands from his and take off running in the opposite direction.

"Who wants to touch you?" He yells back to me, full on alert.

I don't answer, but just pump my legs faster, testing the sharp winds. It doesn’t even feel cold, but I just feel the heat from his touch earlier. I probably look like a lunatic with my dress riding up and my heels clanking loudly on the pavement while sweat drips down my body.

The tears pooling in my eyes make Jacks taxi with his Channing Tatum picture taped to the inside of his car look like a blur of yellow.

I rip the door open and tell loudly at Jack, "Go!"

Jack steps on the gas and looks in the rearview mirror at me frantically. "What the hell is going on!?!" he yells with fear evident in his voice. He is barely paying attention to the road, scaring me slightly.

I catch my breath and lean back in the seat. I tilt my head back and close my eyes. I gulp loudly and whisper just barely loud enough for him to hear over the traffic, "I was his match. I was the one that matched him. No one else in the club did Jack. It was me. Only me.”

All I see as I place my head on the window and curl my legs up and I fall into a peaceful sleep is Jacks shocked expression with his mouth wide open.

So what do you guys think! I am not sure if this short because I wrote this on my iPod. I will edit this tomorrow because I might want to add more. Please comment and vote! I love hearing what you guys have to say! Thanks for reading peeps!

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