different to others (Laxus and Lucy) fairy tail

Hey people this is my first fanfic I have uploaded so dont judge meh.

this is a romance bwtween luxus and lucy.

headmaster has a compation planed and there are five groups they'll be on an island for weeks who will win will love bloom....but some have secrets


1. Teamed up with LAXUS!

Lucy was sitting at a table with Cana when the master got the guild’s attention “ok I have a challenge and eight people have been chosen so I with tell u who got in in a minute and so u all know I will not say what the winner will get and you’ll be paired off in to a group of two” everyone was not surprised except for Lucy and Wendy. “So here are the group’s first is Wendy and Romeo, Natsu and Lisanna, Gray and Ersa”.

Everyone was so quiet so they could hear who the last group was “and the final group is Lucy…and…Laxus” hearing this Lucy froze and fell of her chair “Lucy-san are u ok” Wendy asked very worried “Wendy I-I’m ok” Lucy said back, but as she got up she fell and someone stopped her from hitting the floor. Then Lucy saw that it was Laxus and she blushed with embarrassment.

 “Are u ok Lucy” he asked her “yea I’m fine thanks” “no prob, so Lucy I was going to ask if u wanted to get to know each other so it isn’t weird when we are in the challenge” he asked “sure that would be nice” “ok I’ll see u at 6 tonite on the second floor of the guild” “ok” she said with a smile “bye Lucy” “bye”. That nite Lucy saw that it started to snow again so she wore her long black snow pants and a long sleeved sweater and she wore her fav pair of black commando boots and she put on her white headphones and she hooked up her soundpod and she played a techno song.

Lucy was walking down the street when she saw kids playing in the snow and most of the guild had gone to the lake which is frozen do to the weather so it was like an ice ring. Lucy just giggled at them as she walked through the guild’s doors then she saw Laxus on the second floor of the guild so she walked up the stairs and sat down next to him. The greeted and started to talk for what it seemed like hours.

Later on Laxus walked Lucy home and bid her goodnight before walking home. Lucy smiled softly before she went inside and got ready for bed.

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