different to others (Laxus and Lucy) fairy tail

Hey people this is my first fanfic I have uploaded so dont judge meh.

this is a romance bwtween luxus and lucy.

headmaster has a compation planed and there are five groups they'll be on an island for weeks who will win will love bloom....but some have secrets


3. dark secret revelled and new feelings developing?

It was 8pm when they finished talking. “Shit I have to go home for dinner……Laxus would you like to join me?” Lucy said as she stood up and waited for his answer. “Sure” he replied getting up and followed Lucy to her home. While they were walking the were both lost in their thoughts *Lucy’s mind –after all  that has happened in the past why do I feel so attracted to him now?* *Laxus’s mind- god of magic why have I never noticed until today how hot Lucy is*. Once they arrived at Lucy’s place Lucy unlocked the door and let Laxus in and went to make dinner.

While she was cooking she began to relax and she began to change (twist is now revelled) her hair turned midnight blue her eyes became a blood red colour and she grew wolf ears and a tail and her teeth grew fangs (heheh), but around the same time Laxus began to worry and went to check on her and he stood there in shock when he saw her * s-shit she is half wolf demon t-too?!!*

Lucy noticed him looking and asked “what’s wrong?” and he just pointed to her to look in a mirror so she did and she screamed slightly “dammit” she muttered under her breath. Laxus walked up to her and said “I guess we both had a dark secret to hide” which caused her to turn around to see Laxus and she gasped to see him with dark green eyes and pitch black hair, wolf ears, tail and fangs.

“WHAT THE HECK?!!!!!!!!!!!” she yelled

{Cliff hanger hehe

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