Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


5. The Shower

I wake up to a sleepy Zayn, today is the day we go shopping well him, I'm just going with him and buying things here and there (nothing like when I went shopping).

I find myself tracing Zayn's chest tattoos. I wish I can get a tattoo, the closet thing I have to a tattoo is a scar of a heart on my thigh (I did it when I was younger with a pencil and it's still there!) I wonder if it hurts getting a tattoo. He's got so many!

"Good morning Doll, having fun there?" I'm so embarrassed, I've been caught. Shit! I'm speechless, I'm looking for words to say

"Yes I am and why did you call me doll?" Why did he? Nobody has ever called me "Doll" *note the air quotes*Out of all the experience I have with boys none of them ever called me doll. He didn't respond back.

"I'm gonna take a shower, I feel dirty" I say while getting out of his arms and off his bed. I head towards my closet and pull out a tight dark red dress and my black and red Adidas high tops, then I open my dresser and pull out a red bra with lace on it and a see through red lace pantie.

"Well your going to be sexy today, aren't you?" He notice what I was pulling out. Damn it! I'm so stupid.

"I guess so, sorry of it's to much, it's just I like how I look with tight clothing, you can probably tell why" I state. He checks me out and then licks his lips. I have a very curvy body that's why I hardly have any friends that are girls because they are jealous of my body.

"I guess so. Mind if I join you?" He questions. I just nod and start to fold my cloths to take to the shower room.

"I'm glad that girls and boys share the same shower room" I say while looking away from him and blush

"Yea me too" he smirks.

We are in the shower room and girls are giving me glares! Urgh! Why can't they mind their own god damn business.

Well, I'm at my shower locker getting my showery need and putting my cloths in there and also Zayn's. Zayn already found the biggest shower spot, so I decided to wrap a towel around my naked body and walk over there.

Then I put my showery needs in there and I put my towel on the hanger. I see Zayn getting wet under the shower head. Water running down is body. I just stare and then I join. I scoot him over so I can get wet too.

"H-" he didn't say anything, he only said the h of the word hey. I guess he thinks I'm ugly naked.

"Well look at you, you're sexy naked and the water running down your body makes you sexier" he states.

Then after we put shampoo and conditioner in our hairs. I wanted to put body wash.

"Umm.... Zayn can you put body wash on me?" I ask, I'm soo embarrassed, but I had to ask.

"Sure, turn around and then after I'm done you put some on me?" I just nod.

I feel his big hands since I have small ones go all over my body, he's gently rubbing my back, legs, butt, belly, then boobs and now my neck. I swear I'm wet down there even if we are in the shower. I let the water clean me off.

"Your turn Zayn" I grab the body wash ready to apply it. I rub it on to both my hands and start with his perfectly structured back. Then I told him to turn over. I rub his chest just staring or admiring his chest then I reach his belly and rub that too. Then came his dick. I look up and I see on his lips a smirk, so decided to get rid of that smirk I rubbed his dick. I'm giving him a hand job and he's lightly moaning so I go faster on his long hard dick.

"You're going to make me cum Alex" and then he cummed on my face.

"Ewwwww!!! Gross" sperm got in my mouth, it doesn't taste that bad.

"Sorry Alex" he says feeling ashamed. I just give him a reassuring smile and put my hand on his cheek. After washing my face we head back towards our room.

It's only 9:30 and we are leaving at 10 so we can have enough time to shop

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