Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


9. The Date

I hear knocking on the door. I ran for the mirror and check myself out to see how I look. I have a red tight shirt that shows cleavage but not a lot but just enough, and black skinny jeans. My hair is in a pretty braid and I have no make up on. I have natural beauty.

I open the door and I see Niall. "Hey Alexandria who's at the door?" Zayn says and walks over to where me and Niall are at.

"So your her roommate?" Niall questions him and Zayn only nods yes.

"Wait you two know each other" I ask. I'm so confused!

"Yes we know each other we have Math together" Zayn says. I feel a lot of tension between them so I change the subject.

"Ready to go bowling Niall?" I ask him.

"Yes let's go" he says and take my hand and leads me away from Zayn but I feel a tug on my other hand.

"She's not going anywhere with you" Zayn says.

"It's fine Zayn don't worry, everything will be alright" I say to help him calm down.

He looks at me and he's eyes are full of worry. He puts on of his hands on my cheek and his thumbs caresses my cheek. "Ok"

He let's me go and Niall leads me to his car.

"That was weird what happened earlier" he says while plugging in his iPhone to his stereo so we can listen to his music.

"No it's not, it's just he had a bad brake up, a really bad one, and he's over protective over me because he thinks he's going to lose me too" I say with sadness in my voice.

"So you two are dating ?" He questions.

"No we are not" I say very clearly.


We are getting out of his car to go inside the bowling ily. He holds my hand and at the register he gets he's pair of bowling shoes and mine.

We head to a table with 2 other people. I'm hiding behind Niall now since he's taller than me.

"Hey guys, do you have a lane for the four of us?" He asks

"The four of us I thought it was only us?" says a guy with curly hair and lots of tattoos on his arms, since it's dark in here he doesn't notice that I'm pecking over Niall's shoulder.

"Yes the four of us." He steps to the side to unhide me from the two other guys. "Guys this is Alexandria," I wave awkwardly "Alexandria this is Liam and Harry" he says indicating which names go with which boys.

"Now that you know us. Can we start bowling" says Harry while getting up and getting a bowling ball. We all nod in agreement.

Niall has made 5 strikes, Harry has made 7 strikes and Liam had made 4 strikes while I'm only knocking 9 pins and only having one stand.

"I told you guys that I suck at bowling!" I whine like a little kid.

"Yea you do." Agrees Harry while Niall and Liam are laughing at my childness.

"Watch the expert" says Harry. He sure likes bragging about himself.

Another strike!!! No Fair!!! "Urgh! Harry your such a show off" I say while walking to seat at the booth Niall got us.

"I need to pee" I say while heading towards the the hall with the bathrooms.

"I need to take a piss also" says Harry trying to catch up to me.

I'm walking towards the bathroom and Harry grabs my hand and turns me around.

"Well hey there beautiful" he says. He's eyes are emerald green, such beautiful eyes.

"I need to piss" I say while getting out of his grip and opening the door to the restroom. Once I'm about to close the door Harry comes in.

"I need to piss too" he says, stating his claim.

"Fine turn around so I can piss first." He does what I told him to do and I watch him so he won't turn around when I'm done pissing and cleaning myself.

"Your turn Harry" I say while washing my hands. I try so hard not to look at his dick.

Then he comes from behind me and washes his hands also. He drys them off while I'm about to leave he grabs my hand again and turns me around.

"I didn't finish what I started." He says. I give him my confused face which makes him chuckle and he kiss me. I don't I ever slap the guy back. I find my self kissing him back!

We start to walk backwards until we bump into the wall. His lips travel off my lips and on to my neck. My hands are pulling off his shirt. I see a moth on his belly, then he goes back kissing me. He takes off my shirt and stares at my boobs, then he takes off my bra and he sucks on my nipples. I'm moaning lightly.

Harry takes of his pants and boxers and is now completely naked. I stop myself from everything.

"Harry I can't do this. I don't want to do this" I say while turning my back from him so I can get my shirt and bra.

"I see, it's fine, maybe someday where it's not so public" he says while giving me a smirk.

I walk out of the bathroom with my cloths on. I find Niall ordering some buffalo chicken wings.

"How did you know I like buffalo chicken wings?" I say while sitting down next to him.

"Well I never knew that! Did you knew that Liam" Liam shakes his head no.

"I'm just messing around" I say while playfully smacking Niall's on the arm.

A few minutes later, Harry joins us. We all are laughing our ass off because the waitress was flirting with Harry and it ended badly because she tried giving him her number but Harry rejected because she wore a whole lot of make-up and was showing off her boobs even though they're not as big as mine. Hahaha funny!

"I think it's time to leave" Niall says, his whipping tears off his face because he was laughing so hard.

"Ok let's leave" I say agreeing with him and rubbing my belly because I was laughing hard.


Once we got on the road. I plugged in my iPhone and the first song that played was Cool Kids by Echosmith. Niall didn't say anything.

I'm looking out the window when I feel a hand on my thigh. I look at the hand and then at Niall. He has a smile on his face which made me smile.

"Alexandria, tonight was amazing I had so much fun with you." He says.

He parked his car in the student parking lot and he got out and opened my door for me. How polite!

"Thank you Niall, I had a great time too, we should do this again." I say while smiling at him.

He looks at me, and starts to lean in. I feel his soft pink lips on mine. Our lips sync together. My hands are in his hair, I'm running my fingers through it. His hands are on my waist slowly moving down to my ass. I feel his hands squeeze my ass and go in circles. After running my fingers through his hair, I slip my hands under his shirt, feeling his warmth and his abs and v-line.

Then I stop the kiss. "I have to go inside, text me ok" I say and he nods and checks me out.

"Bye Alex" he says. I'm already walking back to my room then I turned around and I run to him and hug him.

"Thanks for everything" I whisper in his ear. He's hugging me tight.

Then I walk nonchalantly back towards my dorm.

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