Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


3. The Bags & dream?

While I was heading toward my car, Zayn was leaning against it waiting for me.

"I thought you weren't gonna show up" I'm such an idiot but oh well, I've been cheated on so maybe that's why?

"Why would you think that huh?" He says while snaking his arm around my waist and trying to get a better look of my face.

"I don't know, I've been cheated on so many times that it's an automatic response" I'm looking at ground while saying this. This topic is to much for me

While lefting my chin up to meet is hazel eyes "I'll never stand you up .... A beautiful girl like you should never, and I mean NEVER, be cheated on" he finished that phrase with a wink

I shouldn't have bought to many things... I feel bad for Zayn, he's carrying more shopping bags than me.

"Hey Alexandria, why don't we go to dinner tonight" he said, snapping me out of my deep thought mode. I just now realize I was moving and folding and hanging cloths in my closet in the dorm.

"Sure, I have nothing else to do and I'm starving" I sound like a fat eating pig but hey a girls gotta eat right? Or am I wrong?

We settled for a Japanese restaurant. I feel like I remember this place. I've seen it in my dreams and the taste if the soups are so familiar.

10:30 at night

"Thanks for this amazing night Zayn .... It's been the best one since Junior Year. I really need to go out more but thanks and I'll remember to go shopping with you tomorrow. I need so-" Before I could finish my last sentence he kissed me.

There was so much passion in it that it felt like we were kissing forever. "Sorry if I got annoying" I apologize

"You're never annoying, just seeing your lips move when you talk makes me want to kiss them badly" Awww he's blushing!! It's so adorable.

We enter the room and go to sleep ... I need to catch my Zzzz's you know. We both need our beauty sleep.

*2:00 AM it's still night*

"Aaaahhh!!!!!!" I scream. I'm sitting up and I'm sweaty and Zayn is getting me some water from the fridge (yes we have a mini fridge in our dorm room.) That nightmare scared me. I can't sleep anymore.

"Alexandria are you ok? You're sweating a lot and your pale like really pale." He states while staring deeply in my gray eyes for anything.

"Yes, I'm ok I think .... Can I sleep with you for the rest of the night?" I can't sleep ... I need to be held. I know I sound desperate but I have to be held after a nightmare.

"Sure come on" he reassure me , I hated that dream. It was horrible.

He lays on his bed leaving room for me. I see his tattoos on his body and how muscular his body is, why did I just notice this?! (Stupid, stupid, stupid - thought)

His arms are wrapping around me, holding me and bringing me closer to him. My face is only inches away from him chest. I trace his tattoos the ones close for me to trace without disturbing him.

"You know if you take a picture it'll last longer or you can kiss me instead" I look up his eyes are closed but he has a smirk on his face. He's so adorable.

"In your dreams Malik"I say while rolling my eyes

"How do you know I dream about you ?" He says still with his eyes close and that smirk

"You stalker" I say

"I can try" he says

I playfully smack him, but that ended in a fail because he caught my hand and kissed .

"Don't you know that's it's rude slapping people" he was being sweet and a little emotion of concern.

"Yes I know but I was doing it playfully Malik, and anyways I will never want to hurt that face of yours" I got quieter at the end. He was smiling at me and I'm blushing.

Before anything can happen I burry my face in his chest. Hearing his heart beat soothes me and I start drifting off into slumber.

"Good night Alex. I wish I can have a girlfriend like you. You're something special. I can feel it." He says but I'm already sleeping.

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