Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


7. Sunday

I wake up and I check my phone. I have 3 messages from Zayn

Hey I'm going out

Text me when you wake up

Don't forget there's a party tonight ;)

This Zayn. I know there's a party and I thought he was going to stay with me today but I guess he has plans. Which means I can go anywhere I want.

Ok, and thanks for telling me this. I hope you're alright

I messages him back. I wonder what his doing. I'm going to head to the showers.

After my hot shower I change into my tight denim skinny jeans and a tight v-neck blue shirt with my small purse that carries my wallet, phone, and chap stick.

I decided to go get some breakfast and then go around the town to see what's here.

I ate my breakfast and now to do some exploring. I haven't gotten a text from any of my friends nor from Zayn.

I head to a tattoo parlor. I was looking around until I heard a voice behind me

"Well, are you here for a tattoo or are you deciding wether or not to get one?" The guy questioned me. He has nice light brown hair, tattoos on his arms, and ocean blue eyes, he's taller than me.

"Um... I just came to look. I don't think I'm ready for a tattoo" I say kind of scared but not enough to be noticed.

"What's your name? Are you new here? I haven't seen you around here" he says. He's pretty hot.

"My name is Alexandria and yes I'm new here" I say very calmly and relaxed.

"Hm... Alexandria.... Such a pretty name for a young sexy girl like yourself" he says while smirking and checking me out

"What's your name?" I ask.

"Louis Tomlinson" he says with a British accent. "You know, that your lips are the only lips I've seen without lip stick, they're so naturally red aren't they?" He asks and I nod.

He starts to walk towards me and I walk backwards and I hit the wall. I have no where to go.

"You're so beautiful" he says while his thumb is creasing my lips. He leans in and his lips touch mine. At that moment I was shocked but instead of slapping him I kiss him back.

His arms go around my waist, and his hands are on my ass, squeezing them, teasing them. His lips trail off and he kisses my neck and sucks lightly making me release a moan.

"Jump sweetheart" he whispers in my ear. I do as I'm told and we don't break the kiss. Then he leads me too a room. Looks lie a bedroom. He lays me on the bed and kisses my lips again.

His hands are on my legs as he is in between them. His lips go to my neck and now his lifting up my shirt. He throws it to the ground. He's staring at me, he takes of his shirt and I see tattoos. He lays back down and he takes off my bra. He starts to suck on my nipples and I'm lightly moaning.

My hands find the button of his pants and I take off his pants. Now his in his boxers, he takes of my pants and pantie. I close my legs and he kisses my neck again and I lightly pull on his hair, I feel one of his hands go down to my vagina.

"Baby, you're so wet down there" he says while kissing me. All I could say was Mhmm. He slips one of his long fingers into me and he's going in and out while I'm moaning.

"You're also so tight, such a beautiful virgin aren't you?" He says while having a smirk on his lips and lowering himself to my vagina. He kisses my vagina, I feel his tongue going in circles, I'm tugging on his hair telling him to keep going. Then I feel like something is wrong.

"Im sorry, I'm not ready for this, I'm so so sorry" I say getting off his bed and putting my cloths back on.

"It's fine can you do me a favor" I do owe It to him, so I just nod. He takes off his boxers and I see his dick. I walk towards him. He grabs my hand and leads me on how to do it. While I'm going the speed he likes it, he moaning, I look at him and he kisses me and releasing some moans in it.

"Now suck it" he says, I do what I'm told and I put his dick in my mouth. I go up and down with my mouth and he's telling me what to do. Now he's moaning my name and one of his hands is in the back of my head making his dick go deeper in my mouth.

"Ohhhh, Aaaaleex, I'm going to cum!" He says while moaning and he cums in my mouth. I swallow it and I look up to him and his smiling.

"You're amazing for a virgin, the best I've ever had since 5 months, thanks" he say while putting a lock of my hair behind my ear. Im blushing right now and he kisses me and makes me sit on his lap. My hand is on his dick going up and down slowly.

"I need to go" I whisper in his ear after I left a hickey on his neck.

"Let me see your phone." He commands in a sexy voice. He puts his number in and makes me get in the pic of him so he can put it as his contact picture.

"See you around sweetheart" he says while leading me to the door. I peck him on the lips and say my good bye. I'm going to miss Louis.

After a few hours of walking around I got a text.

Please come back to the room. I'm worried sick about you.

It's from Zayn. Awww, he's worried about me. That's when I starting sprinting to the dorm.

I open the door and I see him pacing back and forth. He noticed me coming in and hugs me.

"Where were you?" He questions.

"I was walking around town" I say casually. Why is he so worried?

"I don't know what to wear to the party tonight can you help me?" He asks I roll my eyes and then head towards his closet. I layed out a black v-neck and black skinny jeans and red, white, black Adidas high tops.

"There, not let me choose my clothing, and plus the party is at 9 and it's only 5 and I left the dorm at 10" I say reassuring him.

After choosing my cloths, I head towards my nightstand and pull out a book.

Inside the book was a blue topaz neckless. I put it on and I put the book back to it's original spot.

I wonder how my friends are doing. I bet they don't care that I'm away not even Kacee my sister from another mister. Oh well I'm having so much fun.

Zayn was drifting into sleep and I decided to take a nap with him. He opens his arms so I can cuddle with him. We both drift into sleep.

I wake up before Zayn and I checked what time it is. It's 8:00 we only have an hour to get ready and leave!

"Zayn wake up it's 8:00, get your lazy ass up" I say while shaking him. He gets up and starts to change and I change also. I have a black tight dress that has lace in the back so you can see entire back through the lace.

"Ready Doll?" He holds out his hand I take.

"Yes Zayn, hope you know where going to a party not a ball" I say while laughing. He just nods and we go to the party.


At the party there was girls dancing on tables, boys getting drunk well basically everyone was getting drunk.

I start to dance because a good grinding song came on. I have all the attention on me, so I stand on a table and start dancing while guys are getting on my table and dancing with me. I feel hands on my hips. That's my cue for grinding on him.

I have a red plastic cup filled with cherry flavored vodka. I'm chugging it down while grinding and twerking on the guy.

I'm so wasted right now that I don't even know where I'm at. Then I hear a crowd of guys chanting "take it off" and I go see what it is and it's a girl with no curves nor boobs nor ass.

I go back to the kitchen where it's quiet and I see a guy heading towards me.

"Hello sweetheart" I recognize that voice ... It's Louis !!!

"Louis is that you" I slur ... I'm totally wasted.

"Sweetheart your wasted, here drink some water" I do what I'm told and it drink the water.

"I'm not that wasted" I say, "At least I'm not taking my cloths off my body like the sluts that are here"

He just nods in agreement "Do you want to dance?" I ask and without him saying anything I take him to where the music is at.

Louis is behind me and I grab his hands and put them on my hips. "Try to keep up Lou"

I start to grind on him and he's moving side to side. I feel like I'm in heaven. Then he turns me around and kisses me.

I pull away and I say I'm sorry but I know here this is going to end.

I found Zayn on the couch drinking. "Can we go now?" I ask and I see girls give me the bitch face look.

"Sure, Doll, anything for you" I'm glad he didn't let any of these hoes touch him. I would have left him here by himself.


Tonight was crazy. Schools starts tomorrow. Great !! (sarcasm)

Zayn is fast asleep so ima sleep naked tonight in my own bed. Night night.

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