Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


16. Special Appointment

Dark, musky abandoned warehouse. Can't they pick a better place for drug dealing I mean c'mom why not a nice mansion in a deep dark woods or something. I guess I have to deal with it.

I'm leaning in a dark corner when I here footsteps get closer to Luis and Logan. I immediately pull out my gun just in case. I finally see the mystery person when a table and chair are pulled into the only light in the center of the room where he sits.

He has 2 men beside him armed with guns then two in the opposite corners that Derek and me are in. The guy is taller than Logan but skinner. Tan and with Burnett hair, perfect jawline and hazel eyes. Not a bad looking guy if he didn't have a scar under his eye but I have to say he looks rather attractive.

"Logan call your forces and I'll call mine and we can settle this like men" deep voice I like that!

"Alright Shawn ... Guys come gather and put away your weapons." Can be yell any louder!

I put up my gun and nod to Derek. I see that the other two men are already at Shawn's side. I also see that Kacee and Kyle have finally take their stance behind Logan and Luis leaving Derek and I to stand beside them.

"Oh my, Logan I know that you recruited Luis but this lovely lady here is new huh? I have to say she is one of the gorgeous females here" disgusting man winking at me and crap.

"Well thank you my good friend but I can't give her to you but I'll give you Kacee or River but not Alexandria. She's too special to lose or give to anyone." Thank you Logan. I have no clue I can ever repay him

"Alright Logan, I'll get her someday. I always get what I want but here's your 30 grand for 2 barrels of each drug you offered to me." Shawn you'll never get me. Logan will never give me up.

"Thanks my good lad now we well leave your presence" Logan shakes his hand fair well.

"Logan are you sure you won't give Alexandria to me?" I will double the money?" I turn around and I see the cash and I immediately pull out my gun ...

"No Shawn I'm not leaving, I'm leaving with Logan if you like it or not because I'm not a toy. But hey he did offer you River or Kacee take one of them for a night, give them a spin? Huh? They might not seem much but they know how to ride" I say

"Nope it's either you come with me or we take you by force" Shawn's not a quitter

"No Shawn she came with me and she leaves with me" thanks again Logan

"Fine" is all that Shawn said before he punched Logan in the face.

2 men come my way I punch and kick them in the face. I pull out my gun and point it at Shawn while Derek, River, Kyle, fight and Kacee is taking Logan outside.

"Call your men off Shawn or die!" My gun pointed to his head.

"What a wise little girl. Fine but be warned I'll have my way with you. Men stop and get the drugs into the car we are leaving!" And just like that they disappeared with the drugs.

***** later at the Logan's mansion *****

"Hey Logan needs you" why can't River knock on my door instead of barging in like a maniac!

"Ok" ignorant little child

I'm about to knock on Logan's door before Kacee pops out of nowhere.

"He's waiting on you" well she slept with him

"Did you and him just had sex?" Questioning is my best skill

"Yes we did" she just got caught

"I can tell but he's had better than you .... You know that right? If not then he doesn't want to hurt your feelings in sorry Kacee but maybe next time he'll try you again" she's ticked now but hey she walked into it not me

Walking into his room makes me very nervous

"Alex there you are. Take a seat" ... he pats me a spot right beside him on his bed .... "Excuse the way I'm dressed well I'm only in my boxers but I just got done doing my personal needs"

"Oh, I can tell Logan .... I'm surprised you picked Kacee though knowing that you just use her as a toy ... Why couldn't you pick River oh wait she's to rough for you huh? Which leaves only me the perfect partner for your personal needs but also knowing that you still love me and won't have just sex, you'll make love to me" I got him good!

"Your right but I think your missing something" that's when he's hand touches my thigh.

"Oh yeah, thanks for not giving me to Shawn I don't know how to repay you" ops I should have never said that.

"Yes there is" that's when he smashes his lips onto mine.

I can't believe I'm doing this but I'm kissing him back!!!

He grabs me by the waist pulling me on top of him, slowly turning to put himself on top. He takes off he's shirt than put his lips back on mine. He rips my shirt off and I'm unbuttoning his pants. I feel him sucking and nibbling on my neck making me moan his name. I finally got his pants off and his black boxers and he toke off my pants and panties, throwing them onto the floor, our bodies causing friction and more body heat.


I kiss him and he took that as a yes. He penetrates me and I release a loud moan. I make my hips go up and he thrust in and out hard and fast. I'm scratching his back while he kisses my neck. He's enjoying my moaning and I make my hips move to his speed and he starts to moan. I can feel my climax coming and his too. He goes even faster and harder! We both climax and he lays right besides me.

"That was amazing" I whisper to him while trying. To cuddle with him.

"Best I've had and I don't think I can have better" he says.

10 minutes later he's drifting off to sleep. I'm still awake so I quietly walk to my room. I'm in my room and I take out my lace night cover up that only reaches under my butt.

Then I walk out of my room into Derek's. Derek is asleep and I slowly and quietly slip into his bed and he wraps his arms around me and I'm facing his chests I lay my head on the crook of his neck.

"I know your here Alexandria" darn I've been spotted

"But I wanna sleep with you" I'm such a whiner

"I never said you couldn't sleep with me" and with that we both fell alseep

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