Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


12. His Place

We are at his place right now. It's a nice place and it's big and I mean BIG! And he works at a tattoo parlor! What the fuck?!?!

"You like my place don't you" He says while heading towards the kitchen I suppose.

"Yea it's pretty big" I say, following him to wherever the hell he went. And I was right it was the kitchen.

"Do you drink?" He asks me, pulling out to glasses meant for wine.

"Cherry Vodka please" I say giving him my sexy smirk.

"Ooo well someone's getting drunk tonight" he says handing me my drink and I drink it.

I'm leaning against the counter and Louis is really close to my body. My hands go over his biceps then his abs and now at the hem of his shirt. I take it off of him and place my hand on his bare chest, staring at him, admiring very detail of his chest and stomach.

He's staring at me, smirking at me then I feel one of his hands go to the side of my neck and bringing his face closer to mine.

"You're something special" he pauses and brushes his lips against mine, "I want you so badly Alex that I'm basically dying for you" he says finally kissing my lips. His hands go to my waist and my arms go around his neck.

I say breaking the kiss "Louis, you know I'm a virgin and I'm not ready and I'm not playing around with you. You're an amazing guy but I'm not ready to lose it." I feel him kissing my neck while I'm saying this.

"I know your not ready but I'll be here for whatever you want or need. You're something special and I don't want to lose it" he says walking to the couch and me about to leave.

I ran back and hug him tightly. "I'm going to spend the night with you. Plus I don't want to leave." I say while hugging him tightly.

"Good, I didn't want you to leave me here." He says playing with my hair and hugging me back.

We're heading up to his room and it's really clean and organized for a guy.

"Do you want sweats or a t-shirt or both?" He questions me while disappearing into the closet.

He has no dressers maybe it's in his closets. That so fucking cool!!! "Hand me a black t-shirt if you have one?" I say and slightly raise my voice.

He comes our in only sweats and only that. I can tell that he doesn't have boxers on. "Here you go sweetheart" he hands me the black shirt.

"Umm... Do you mind" I say while standing up to change.

"No I don't mind" he says checking me out. I roll my eyes.

"Can you help me?" I ask, walking back to the bed to sit on it and turn my back on him so he can help me take off my bra.

"Sure sweetheart" he says, I feel his hands on my back and taking off my bra. I stand up again and take off my under wear and I'm completely naked and I hear him whisper damn. I put the shirt on and lay right beside him.

"Night Lou" I say while snuggling against him

"Night Alex" he says while caressing my thighs.

After 10 minutes of that we both fall asleep

In the Morning

I wake up by the sunlight coming in. I walk towards the light and I walk onto a balcony. Damn this guy has everything! I'm staring at the mountains behind all of the civilization of this city.

"It's beautiful isn't" he says scaring me and almost making me fall off the balcony.

"It is very beautiful. Everything here is beautiful, it's even beautiful than me and I know I'm ugly even if many people say I'm super sexy." At the end I released a sigh. I skipped school today again but I'm already ahead so no need to worry. It's only 10:00, I like to sleep-in sometimes.

I feel arms going around my waist. I smile because I know who it is.

"Alexandria is a beautiful name, and you are beautiful, don't think your ugly because every guy wants you, your special, I don't think there will ever be another girl as beautiful and smart that will come in my life like you did right now." He says, turning me around and kissing me. I feel one of his hands go in between my legs, I open my legs a little bit more. His index and middle finger are making circles around my cunt. I release a moan.

"Llloooooouuuiiiisss" I moan, I feel his lips kiss and suck on my neck.

Mmhm is all I here from him. "Were outside and there is people who can see us." I say while jumping on him and wrapping my legs around his waist.

He takes me inside and kisses my neck while intertwining our hands together.

"Louis I'm hungry" I say before we go any further. He gets off but our hands are still intertwined.

"I'll cook some cereal" he says while leading me down stairs.

"You can't cook cereal" I say feeling pretty smart of his stupid comment.

"Sweetheart that's the only thing I can cook well" he says grabbing two bowls and milk and frosted flakes.

We sit down at the table and eat out cereal.

Basically after that what we did all day is watch random movies and cuddle together on the couch.

It's was getting late and I haven't turned on my phone which is charging.

"Louis I have to go back to my dorm room. Wish I didn't have to go but I have to go" I'm walking up the stairs into his room and changing to the cloths I had brought over with me (I always bring extra cloths with me no matter where I go).

I fold the shirt he let me borrow to sleep in and I'm about to leave before I hear Louis calling my name.

"Alexandria take the shirt I let you borrow to sleep in last night, as a memory of me when you go to bed." He says handing me the shirt that now smells like the colon he wears everyday.

"Thanks, bye I'll miss you" I say while hugging him and grabbing my car keys to leave.

I'm about to get in my car and I look up and wave good bye to Louis and he returns the wave.

Back to my place! Yeah! (Sarcasm)

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