Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


11. Do You Care?

I wake up to see Zayn walking into the room.

"Good Morning" I say while stretching and releasing my inner pornstar moan.

Zayn chuckled at that noise "Good Morning Doll, I'm glad to see you again" he says while sitting on my bed.

It's Sunday and I have nothing to do. I get up and go to the shower room and shower then I came back in to put some skinny jeans on and a loose shirt.

Right now I'm brushing my long black hair. "

"Alexandria, what did you do while I was gone?" He questions me and I tell him my Saturday with Harry and how we had fun going to an amusement park. He doesn't say anything for five minutes, is he mad at me?

"Alexandria, don't hang out with Harry anymore all he wants is to get into your pants!" He say at first whispering and now he's kind of yelling at me.

"Don't yell at me, and why do you care!" I say calmly at him and trying so hard not to scream at him.

"I care because you're special to me and I don't want anything bad happening to you" he says with tears running down his face.

I didn't know what to say. I mean it's only been 2 weeks since we've known each other. So I decided to seat beside him and hug him.

"Zayn I never knew that. You also mean something to me, when you left I started to cry that's why I went on that date I suppose I can call it but I did it to get my mind off you. I think of you 24/7 and when you left I thought I was alone forever!" I say while kissing is cheek.

He looks up at me with a spark of hope in his eyes. He kisses my lips and his hands go to my hips and he brings me on his lap.

"Don't ever let me go" I whisper while kissing his neck. He moans in agreement and I get off of him. He looks mad at me for stopping but I'm not ready.

He really does care.


Monday is here and I don't want to go to school but I have too. I decide to ask all my teachers to give all the work so I can do it in my dorm room. I'm the ONLY student that has done this because I'm smart and I already did this weeks work, now I want next weeks.

I'm doing next weeks work while listening to music from my iPad that's connected to a stereo for phones.

I hear my ringtone "Si Te Vas" by Stereo 4 go off. I check it and it's a text from Louis. I haven't heard of him only since the party.

Meet me at the dock right now for a special surprise - love, Louis

Fine let me get ready and I'll be there in 5 mins. ;)

I wonder what the surprise is?! I've never had a surprise before. I've always figured out what the surprise is going to be and it never surprised me. Okay I want to know what he's up to!


I'm arriving at the dock. I park my car right besides Louis car. I walk towards the dock and it's actually a pier. I forgot a jacket and it's pretty chilly out here. I see Louis looking at the sun setting. I decide to walk closer.

"Hi, it's a nice sunset isn't it?" I ask getting near him.

He turns around and greets me with a smile. I'm standing right beside him looking at the sunset. His arms are wrapped around my waist, I feel him resting his chin on my shoulder and his warmth of his cheek on my neck.

"Yes it is" he says.

Once the sun is half way over the horizon, he turns me around. "But it's not as beautiful as the person in front of me" he says leaning in and whispering it against my neck.

I get chills down my back because it's chilly and his voice sends chills down my body when he does that.

Right now he's kissing my neck, and I'm biting my lip so I won't moan in public. He lefts me up and sets me on wood thing that won't let you fall in the water. I'm staring straight into he's gorgeous blue eyes, he's staring I mean admiring my beauty. I have no make up on (I don't need it). My hands are on his cheek, and his hands are at my waist. I lean in where my forehead can be against his.

"You're beautiful and don't let anyone tell you other wise because they don't know what they're talking about" he say and at that point I rest my lips on his and he slowly begins to kiss me.

He puts me back on the floor (remember we are at a pier) and he doesn't let go of my waist. Then someone tapped on his shoulder which made him let me go. I'm hiding behind his back and I don't recognize the voice. I look over his shoulder and see a girl. Then I walk in front of him to see who it is. It's a blonde girl that I think I saw at my dorm.

"Oh it's you again" she says while giving me a disgusting look.

"Leave her alone, C'mon Alex let's leave" he says, grabbing my hand and leading me away from her.

"Who was that?" I ask

"It's Zayn's ex," he pauses for a brief moment, "She was wondering if I was free for the rest of the night and I told her no" he pauses again, "After you beat her ass up, she found me at the tattoo parlor, she told me everything that happened that day and the only thing I could think of is comforting her. After that she some how got in my pants, but I want nothing to do with her" he sighs and I see all the emotion on his face the sadness, desperation, anger, and a tinge of love (but I don't know who it's for?).

"It's fine don't worry about it," I pause and left his chin up so he can look straight into my eyes, "You're better than that, she's nothing to worry about. Louis you're an amazing guy and if you weren't then I wouldn't be doing this" I say while getting on his lap and kissing his lips.

He was startled at first then he began to kiss me back. I unbutton my shirt and I grabbed his hands without breaking the kiss and set them on my boobs. I feel his lips travel off my lips and onto my neck then to the top of my boobs.

I get off his lap and I button up my shirt and look out the window. He gives me what's wrong face then I look at him with tears threatening to come out. He finally got what I was trying to say.

He started the car and we were off to his place. Then my phone vibrated and it revealed a text from Zayn.

Alexandria where are you at? Im getting worried!

I'm with Louis. I'm heading to his place

What! No! Come back to the room.

No Zayn. I'm going with Louis and I'm staying at his place until tomorrow morning.

So I decide to turn off my phone before I get another text from Zayn. He really does care but I'm old enough to do whatever I want to do.

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