Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


13. Do Something!!

I'm at the dorm room, I'm about to knock until the door opens. It's Zayn.

"Where have you been! I was about to go and look for you!" He says hugging me and bringing me inside the room.

"I stayed at Louis last night and almost all day today. Don't worry Zayn. I'm oaky, I had fun with Louis" I say.

I'm tired of him getting worried of me but he cares which makes me happy but sometimes he over cares.

Alex if you weren't so naïve than you would notice that Zayn is very worried about you!

Shut the fuck up bitch!

My mind sometimes has a mind of it's own makes me mad. She's so confusing. I know it's me but still she's confusing so I call her "the Thing" I don't know why but I do. Oh well.

I change into my pjs. I pulled out Louis shirt and put it on and toke off pants. I love the smell of Louis! It's a wonderful smell. Sometimes I think Louis smells like roses but I think that's my mind going crazy!!!

"Alexandria, you know I care for you at least answer my texts back" he states. He's sitting on his bed and running in fingers through his hair. He's only wearing sweats and I can see every tattoo on his body.

"If you do care then do something!!" I yell, I'm frustrated that he doesn't ask me out or anything.

I mean from the moment I meet him everything changed, and I knew I had to get him whatever the pain. He's special and I mean very special !!!!

That's when he did do something. He comes up to me and kisses me. I feel his one of his hands go around my waist while the other on is at my neck. He lefts up my shirt and takes off my bra. I pull down his pants and I fall on my bed. He climbs on top of me kissing and sucking on my sweet spot. I'm moaning his name lightly. He takes off my sweat pants and my lace pantie and I take off his boxers. He kisses me all the way down to my vagina. Then I spread my legs giving him entrance. He positions himself and goes in me, I wince and I feel pain.

"You're a virgin. You're so tight down there." He says while thrusting into me.

He goes faster and harder and I won't be able to walk tomorrow.

"Zzzzzzaaaaaaaayyyyyyyynnnnnn" I moan real loud that I cum on him and he releases his cum inside me. Thank god I'm on birth control.

"That's was amazing Alexandra" he whispers in my ear while laying on his side and pulling me closer to him.

I'm drifting off to sleep and I feel Zayn's chest move up and down slowly. He's drifting off to sleep too.


I'm in fifth period Art. I keep replaying what happened yesterday. Me and Zayn had sex! He toke my virginity and is now avoiding me. Wow, what a life I have. I keep painting. I paint a dark corner and in that corner is me, huddle up in a ball crying while everything around me goes dark, the only light is from the light bulb right on top of me.

The teacher passes by and looks at everyone's paintings. She get closer to me and stares at my painting.

"Nice work Alexandria, it's so painful, I mean is that is shows pain and sadness and depression to whom ever is the person. I would love to hang this in the halls as one of my favorites. Mrs. Crum says. I sigh and agree with her.

After fifth period I went to the courtyard and took a seat at my regular table under the cherry blossom tree. I look around and take a deep breath. I open my eyes and see Niall coming over and along with Harry and Liam. I'm eating my subway sandwich while looking at the tree with admiration and with that I pull out my sketch book and start sketching.

"Hello!" Niall yells at me. Gosh he yells loud, he takes me away from my sketch book.

"Hey guys!" I say with a nice friendly smile. I never liked eating alone only if I'm mad but I feel better now.

"Alex you have something right here" Liam points at the corner of his lips and I wipe it off with my napkin.

"Thanks, I can't wait to go dancing at the club Friday night" I say to the guys.

"Who are you going with?" Harry questions me

"I was hoping that you guys could come with me last time I went I got super drunk that the bartender guy had to take me home" I say while looking away. I still remember that night, I hate going alone

"Sure we'll come with you" Liam says. I'm glad they're coming with me.

After lunch I went to six period, this is the only period, I have with Zayn, I sit down at my seat and right beside me sat Zayn. I glanced over and I see him drawing me looking out the window and smiling.

"Hey, watcha doin?" I'm leaning over his shoulder and staring at the drawing. He chuckles and looks up to my gray eyes.

"It took me 2 days just to draw this because you constantly keeping looking everywhere." He states while planting a kiss on my lips.

"I miss you, you know" I say while sitting back in my seat.

"I know, and I miss you even more after class I have to tell you something ok?" He says and I nod in agreement.

This period flied by fast. I'm gathering my books from my locker to read at homeroom and Zayn wraps his arms around me. The girls give me a disgusting look and start whispering to themselfs.

"I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?" He says while holding me right and lightly kissing my neck.

I chuckle but say yes anyways. He turns me around and kisses my lips. Our lips move in sync.

After that the day went by quickly.

I'm putting my pjs on while Zayn is laying on my bed and staring at my sketch book.

"What are you drawing?" He asks. I'm laying right beside him now

"I don't know" I pause and take a deep breath "I've been feeling happy and depressed lately and I don't know why I just am" I've been drawing lately but in private at the art studio on campus (open 24/7) "I drew a picture of you sleeping" I say turning to that page, "then a picture of Louis watching me draw him, then Niall laughing really hard, Harry giving me his sexy smirk, Liam smiling at me and saying hello" after turning to each page I turn to the next. "Then I drew a dark corner in a room with a girl huddle up into a ball and crying and the only thing keeping her alive is the guy she loves. She has a blade near her and she's bleeding from the wrist. She thinks she's worthless and everyone hates her but the guy she loves died and now she wants to die." I feel tears streaming down my face now because that girl is actually me and I don't want to go through that.

"Alex don't cry please don't cry everything will be okay I promise you" Zayn says trying to calm me down and his cuddling with me to stop crying. I'm wiping tears off my face and I look up to see Zayn's eyes and meet those hazel eyes.

"Zayn" I whisper "I don't want to go through that again" I say and showing him my wrist, you can see the scar left over.

Zayn sighs and rubs my back. "Please don't let me go through that again" I whisper and doze off to sleep

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