Alexandria or Alex is moving away from family into her own world of what awaits for her she's only 16 and is going to college way earlier than she planned but she's smart and curious will curiosity take over what it's like being touched or more by the reality of the world??


10. Bored ... Let's Have F.U.N!!

This whole week was boring nothing exciting happen. Zayn left for the weekend to visit his friends in San Francisco.

I'm alone in my dorm room drawing and looking out the window. I started to draw after I was finished crying over Zayn which is weird to me.

I hear knocking on the door. Hope the person doesn't mind the way I'm dressed. I have a tight navy blue tank top and tight booty shorts. I open the door and I see Harry.

"Hey what's up?" I ask Harry. He just kept looking at my ass or boobs.

"Can I stay here for today?" He questions. I nod my head yes and I lay back on my bed.

I feel body heat. I see Harry on top of me. I giggle and playfully smack his cheek. I'm looking deeply in his emerald eyes while he's looking into my gray eyes. He leans in and I feel his lips on mine. I kiss him back and I feel one of his hands slid up my tank top to grope my boob. His lips travel off my lips and to my neck. He takes off my shirt and I take off his. I'm admiring he's chest, stomach and arms, then I look up at Harry and he has smirk on his face.

"What" I say.

"You're beautiful, everything about you is perfect" he say while leaning down to kiss my belly up to my breasts.

I feel like something is wrong. I push him off. I don't even know him good enough to have sex with him.

He has a strange look on his beautiful face, "Harry, I don't even know you good enough to have sex with you" I say feeling bad and staring at his boner that he has.

He sees where I'm staring and he unbuttons his pants and takes them off, then he took off his briefs and lifts my face up so my eyes can meet his.

"I know you want it, so suck it" he says. He's so dirty. My eyes show off the lust that's in it.

I grab his dick and go up and down with my hand. My hand doesn't go all the around his dick . He's so fucking thick and long then I take him in my mouth. I suck and flick the tip and then I hollow out so I can get more in. His hand is on my head and his moaning

"Alex I'm going to cuuuuummm" then he releases his cum. I swallow it and wipe my lips.

He's smiling at me then his hand goes to my cheek, he leans in again and kisses me. This time it's full of passion.

"Alexandria let's go have fun, put on something pretty" he says while putting his cloths on. I nod yes

I head towards my closer and pulled out some dresses. I pulled out a navy blue tight dress, a black dress that shows my back and a midnight blue dress with lace on the back and around my waist (see through lace).

Harry looks at all of them and chose the midnight blue dress. I put it on and looked in the mirror. I look sexy! I put on my black pumps.

"You look gorgeous." He compliments me. I look away and blush.

He opens my purse and takes out my phone. He puts something in my phone then he walks towards me, we take a selfie where I'm kissing his cheek while he's mouth is in an O shape. It look adorable.

"That's a keeper" I say and save it to my camera roll after he handed me my phone.

We are now in the parking lot and I'm getting in his car. It's a nice car I like it. He starts the car.

"Alexandria let me see you phone" he say while holding a phone chord. I hand him my phone and he connects it to his stereo and the first song that came on was Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy. I don't think he has heard of that song. I'm singing along until I feel a hand rub my thigh. I look at Harry who has a smirk on his lips. I think I should tease him. I look at his pants and bite my lip and look up at him. Then I slid my hand over to his thigh and with my finger I start caressing his thigh then I go up some more and make circles. I hear a light moan from Harry. Now I have a smirk on my face. Then I grab his dick well it's in his pants so I grab it anyways.

That's when we arrived at our destination. An amusement park!!!

"Harry" I pause and he looks at me with a confuse face. "This is amazing!!! I've never been to one since I was 6 !!! C'mon what are we waiting for let's have FUN!!!" I say while opening my door and getting out.

I'm running in heels to the entrance. I really want to go in! Harry can't even catch up to me and I'm in heels!

Once he caught up to me he bought me a wrist band to get on any ride without tickets and he got himself one too!

We decide to get some cotton candy. "2 cotton candies please" I say to the guy in the cotton candy booth, he hands me the cotton candies and I head back to the table.

I see a girl with a party dress on and she's flirting with Harry and I see Harry trying to be nice and play along but he's kinda chuckling. Wow these hoes are desperate.

"Here you are Harry," I hand him his cotton candy.

"Thanks babe " he says while smirking.

The hoe turns around and checks me out . She has the "wtf he can do better than you" face on. She's so stupid.

"Hey babe let's go ride some rides" he says while getting up and slipping his arms around my waist.

"Ok let's go" I say and I give her "I have won and your still a hoe" look.

We have rode so many rides and the only ride left is the Ferris Wheel.

We are now on the Ferris wheel and I'm cold because we are at the top.

"You're cold" says Harry while snuggling with me.

The wheel started spinning around and Harry lefts my chin up and makes me look into his eyes. He leans in kisses me. I kiss him back and I feel like I'm in heaven.

Then the Ferris wheel stopped. We got off the Ferris wheel and went back to his car to drive back home.


We are walking back to my room. I open the door, I turn around and say my good bye to Harry. Harry kisses my cheek and turns around and leaves.

Tonight was awesome !!!! I wonder when Zayn is coming back.

I lay on my bed re-living the moments me and Harry had tonight.

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